Avant-Garde Growing stonger everyday and determined to be # 1

Avant Garde Home Furnishings Growth and Future path....
By Alexander Calzadilla

It seems not so long ago the concept of Avant-Garde was in its infancy, we had no website to speak of and we simply had Ebay listings and a pro store on Amazon. Within a month our so called Avant-Garde Ebay store was selling so many items that we felyt we were getting ripped off in fees that we paid ebay for basically doing nothing. They are outrageous. They control everything. What you can sell, what you can say, and how you can grow. They are in my opinion one of the worse companies in terms of control. Its like they are Big Brother in George Orvile's famous novel that had a totalitarian US government in the far off future. 

We decided to go on our own and break free of ebay and create our own website called Avant Garde Home, Everything for your mnodern & contemporary home.. Fast forward a few months of tweas, changes, graphic designs by Edward Saunders, our creative partner, the addition of several key people to help out and now finally the renting of our very own offices and possibly show room space and you get the more mature, more established Avant-Garde we have today. Today's Avant Garde is listed in search results, google products search, has anylytics accoun ts, branded logos, business cards. hours of operation, and is listed in Bing Local, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Yelp Listing, US Directory listing, Manta, Biznik, Linkedin, has a dedicate Facebook page with over 400 followers, Twitter page with over 1,500 followers, You Tube Page, My Space Page, and 4 active blogs that are published every day. We now have 6 employees, health care, and office space and it seems unreal that something that started off as a simply idea has grown so much and has done so much in really less then a year. Our company credit is excellent, we owe very little and make a good amount on sales and one thing is for sure I can only see us moving forward and getting better at providing excellent customer servic to all our customers, excellent product selection, and of course a friendly staff ready to assist in any way possible. 

We are the new kids on the block,. We are energetic, full of ideas, and ready for the challanges that await us in this tough market. But one thing is for sure, we have a lot of energy a friendship between the poepl who work here that goes beyond business and simply trust but is closer to family then collegues. Simply put we will ne there for each other through tough times to make sure we make it to the good times. We hang out not simply to work but to enjoy each other companies and come up with new ideas on how to grow and make things better. So far its worked like a charm and I know deep down we will be the next big item in the world of Modern, XContemporary Home Furniture and decor. We will strive to be the best and lowest price for quality items that people actually want in their homes. We willl not list cheap goods that simply do not meet the cut but instead will always be on the lookout for the next unique product that sticks out from the rest. If any of you know me and my past and work ethic at Costa Farms where I took an orchid department dead last in teh United States and turned it around and made it number one in a year, you know that my determination to make this company great is not only there but will become a reality. 

So be on the lookout for Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC, because as we now carry over 2,000 products and named brands from all areas that we feature plus or own in-house designer custom made items under the Brand Avant-Garde custom designs and we will continue to grow and continue to look for better products at cheaper prices. Please check us out for yourself and compare our prices to those of similar stores.. Here are some examples for you to check out..

Anji Bamboo Mountain Comapny Shags - 
Kosta Boda Products
Nambe Products
Steuben Glass Products
Area Rugs by LA Rugs, Oasis, ART, and Elat Collections
Outdoor Patio Furniture and Hammocks by Hatteras
Consumer Electronics Section
Lenox Products 
Benzara Lamps and Home Decor Items
Blancho Bedding Comforter sets, duvet covers, sheets, and Bed in a bag sets
Ore International Home Decor and lamps
Benzara accent furniture

And so much more....

Remember Avant Garde Home Furnishings, LLC, provider of  Modern, Contemporary home furniture and decor items.. or as our slogan says, Everything modern & contemporary for your indoor - outdoor home.. 

We are growing, we are full of passion, and we are energetic... We won't stop until we reach our destination at number one.. That is our goal, our policy, and our entire focus.. and we will accomplish this not by being tough or being aggressive but by being nice, understanding, and 100% customer service based... 

we will be there for our customers and we will be the best at it... and they will remember us and they will come back... and everyone else will simply be a memory...