Modern, modern, modern....

Two spectacular homes
Worlds apart....

Today I am sharing with you two beautiful modern, contemporary homes, one in Tokyo and one is Austria. The one in Austria is so unique its amazing how I had not herd about this design group before now.. These pictures and concepts are indeed amazing. I hope you feel the same..

Enjoy the pictures

A futuristic Japanese Home..

futuristic japanese house night view

Futuristic Japanese Private Residence in Setagaya, Tokyo, this house like cube design and low energy use, because more glass and hole for lighting, Japanese architects are well known for their experimental, contemporary, futuristic architecture, Very contemporary from the outside it has unusual shape and materials which cover walls. Creative Architect inspiration build some innovation for this house became beautiful and strong

Futuristic Private Residence

large living room with bar

front wall design

second floor and terrance design

simple stair design float in wall

hole in celling design

celling hole for light

Absolutely amazing home.. Big, practical, modern, contemporary and in my opinion breathtaking.. This is one nice Japanese home...And its a large open house, which is rare in Japan due to Space concerns..

A Very Futuristic Looking Home...

futuristic home interior ideas photo

Villa F Vienna Austria interior design was made with cutting edge technologies in mind. villa project manager: Mag. Conrad Kroenke, fellow employee: Ali Shehabi, Brandner Sebastian, photos: Manfred Seidl. Walls were break up to create the open space which connects the entrepreneur’s working space with a lounge area, a bar and a kitchen. Many technical devices, such as screens are integrated in the custom furniture popping and turning out just by clicking the mouse of the notebook. Floor, wall and ceiling are unified with the same material, “corian”, a composite of marble powder and fiberglass. A huge aquarium with a delicately generated computer graphic marks a blue contrast in the white. LED lighting and sound systems are controlled from the computer, merging the digital world with the physical interior environment. Let’s see this Fantastic Modernists Villa F Vienna Austria

IT home tecnology design ideas
IT entrepreneur home design ideas
interior design ideas photo
futuristic swimming pool photo
futuristic interior decor photo
futuristic interior design photo
futuristic interior decor ideas photo
futuristic house design photo

futuristic home interior photo

An absolute revolutionary modern spectacular new concept home.. What will they think of next.. Its like the Jetson's have arrived on Eartth..

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