Really Cool Modern Household Furnishings.....

Modern Home Furnishings & Decor Items...

Have a look at the very unique items found below. These very modern contemporary pieces of furniture are unique and bring color and accents to any room in your modern household... Have a look and let me know what you think at some of these pieces. Have a special look at the new fireplace designs.. 
Enjoy the pictures...

The Husk chairs for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola

This The Husk chairs was designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. A plastic shell and a series of soft cushions: this is the basic element of the seat leather. An ottoman footrest is also available. Playing in a variety of colors and finishes from the body (in recycled plastic four-toned), support (in natural oak or gray or black lacquered wood) and covers (various types of leather or fabric), leather can radically alter its appearance, from one color to the style of a very bright or subtle elegance.

The Husk chairs for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola
The Husk chairs for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola
The Husk chairs for B&B Italia by Patricia Urquiola

Modern Writing Desk by Patricia Urquiola

This is a modern desk with a clear line.called Scriba was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Italian manufacturer Molteni & C, funiture is made of wood, and has a practical side drawers, smart book support in lacquered metal sheet and the pocket side of the table in full leather. This desk is equipped with a container that has a pull out computer shelf for keyboard.

Modern Writing Desk by Patricia Urquiola
Modern Writing Desk by Patricia Urquiola

Stylis Outdoor Furniture Collections from Kama Collection by Egoparis

This Modern outdoor furniture from modern Kama furniture collection by Egoparis, This furniture was designed by Benjamin Ferriol, with its high-end look and versatile design that combines fashion with function. this furniture used materials coated aluminum frames come in a rainbow of warm hues, while the cushions and tables come is a choice of colors to suit your style. Whatever your square footage, dimensions, these fun, flexible design will ensure your decks, patios, balconies and gardens are dressed to impress.
Aluminum Frames
Chic Outdoor Furniture Collection
Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

The In Duplo Sofa from Danish Furniture Manufacturer Erik Jørgensen

Black In Duplo Sofa

The In Duplo Sofa was designed by Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst for for the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. In Duplo sofa consists of a set of wings that has a composition of cushions. In Duplo appears as a semiotic sign and with a strong graphic expression and organizational thinking have led to the new modernism in modern Danish furniture in the early 1950s. In Duplo top and bottom both have a dynamic expression gable facades and quiet lines. The legs, made of powder coated aluminum, look like bridges limber as organic body.

Black In Duplo Sofa by Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst
In Duplo Sofa by Anne-Mette Jensen & Morten Ernst

Fireplace Central..

Here some picture of the latest model of focus fireplaces by French fireplace designer Dominique Imbert continues his company’s decades long history of designing and producing Modern contemporary fireplaces. you can choose your favorite fireplace design in here.

Contemporary Fireplace Design
I still cant quite figure out how it workd but it looks stunning

Modern Fireplace Design
Very Unique.. Minimal Style Room design

Modern Fireplace
An Amazing design.. Looks like its made to go in this place

Modern Contemporary Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplace

Amazing Fireplace

A Great Dining room set, modern, unique looking, and very chic look about it giving light to any room in which it is placed in...

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