Seattle here we come...


So Jessica Hale and I are on the way to Seatless and already we are having what promises to be a memorable trip. We missed our flight scheduled for 3:15 because we could't find parking at the Ft Lauderdale airport no less. This is suppose to be the easy airport although I have to admit we were running late leaving the office at 2:15 in Miami fot a 3:15 flight in Ft Lauderdale. Seems we are always running late..

Well at least Jessica who is a Delta Airlines Platinum member got us on the very next flight and was able to get us checked in and ready to go and it's now only 3:16. Our flight is at 4:30 I believe. And although now we have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta I can at least rest knowing we will be able to hang out at the Delta Sky Miles Lounge which are some of the nicest in the industry.

The entire experience has been pleasant and Delta employees have been more then kind to us and shown us the way airline employees should behave and act.. They are not only some of the nicest employees in the industry but very helpful and customer service oriented.

Its amazing what a difference that makes. Well we have our boarding passes and tickets and all our changes are completed by Delta Airlines.. All and it's only 3:21, 15 min aft walking in to the airport. GREAT AIRLINE..

more from Seattle shortly or should I say Atlanta...

Stay tuned