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How To Spring Your Patio Into Action

Like closing up your cabin for the winter, certain measures should be taken to brace your patio and its patio furniture for colder months. Post-hibernation however, it is equally as important to inspect and treat a patio in the spring for the bumps and bruises that can occur while we were inside. Thankfully for our weary, cold weather spirits, springtime weather is just around the corner and with the help of these hints on how to spring your patio back into action, you’ll officially be ready for the sun.

Outdoor Living Area Kitchen with Cedar Trestle Patio Table

1)  If your patio is concrete, make sure it’s free of cracks before bringing your outdoor furniture out of your garden shed.  To do this, first make sure that all of the outdoor decor is  cleared off. Then, with either caulk or epoxy, begin to fill in any of the cracks. You’ll want to add sand to epoxy for aesthetic purposes – making it a perfect match of the concrete – and then smooth over the epoxy just as you would flatten out concrete itself.
2)    Using a concrete sealant after filling in the cracks will help prevent future cracking. You should first make sure the area is swept, and cleaned with an acidic cleaning agent to best remove stains, before applying the sealant to the patio.
3)    Look over all of the patio furniture for damaged areas and reconfigure the pieces on the patio. You may notice a bit of rust or patina to the garden furniture, so if necessary repaint, reupholster, or purchase new additions as needed. Set them out according to a plan you have in mind from the previous year, or adjust as necessary.
4)    Speaking of new additions, one thing you’ll definitely want to add this year, if   you don’t have one already, is a grill. Together with the outdoor furniture, bringing a grill into the scene adds a charming outdoor dining effect and is convenient for warm summer parties. If you have one already, make sure it’s positioned right where you want it, equipped with its tools and gas or coal, and polished up for use.

Cedar Double Roof Deck Gazebo

If you go through the simple steps of ensuring your patio is topped off with all cracks filled, all outdoor furniture touched up, and with a new sealant, all you’ll need then is to pull out the grill and do some entertaining to officially get rid of the winter blues!

Round Up: Admirable Adirondack Chairs

The quintessential patio chair – tried and true since their inception in 1903 when eleven pieces of wood cut from a single board made their shape – Adirondack chairs are a crowd favorite for entertaining in the backyard, rocking on the front porch, and even folding up when space is needed. It seems that whatever the purpose, an Adirondack chair has a solution for the problem. Thin, reclined, and with a great geometry that accounts for the comfort we seek in an outdoor patio chair, the Adirondack chair varieties serve almost all of our basic human needs in everlasting style.
Treated Pine Outdoor Patio Adirondack Chair
Treated Pine Kennebunkport Chair: Named after the town in York County, Maine that is known well for its reputation as “a summer haven for the wealthy”, the Kennebunkport Adirondack chair uses Treated Pine in this classy version. Hand-crafted and durable from the nature of its wood, this chair uses galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts to finish out the Adirondack chair’s stylish appearance and help it to sit tall and strong forever.

Polywood Recycled Plastic Outdoor Patio Adirondack Rocking Chair

Polywood Adirondack Rocker: Rocking in the already reclined comfort of an Adirondack chair is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. Knowing it is made from a Polywood material, or polyethylene plastic lumber, makes you feel that much more at ease knowing you’re keeping forests in tact and plastics out of the landfill. Use this classic porch rocker on your porch or as a set on your patio by the pool. Wherever it decides to rest, a Polywood frame with stainless steel hardware adorning your outdoor living area makes the simple things in life the most pleasurable.

Eucalyptus Stained Folding outdoor patio Adirondack Chair

3) Eucalyptus Stained Folding Adirondack Chair: Likely a conversation piece wherever it rocks, the Eucalyptus Stained Folding Adirondack Chair is as apparently luxurious as it is sturdy. Often related to the Teak outdoor furniture whose natural oils help create long-lasting outdoor furniture sets, the FSC Certified Eucalyptus wood is dense and gorgeous when paired with stainless and galvanized steel hardware. To make it even better, this Folding Adirondack chair made it onto this list for its ability to do just as it states – fold up and be put away easily for events, dining or ray of sunshine that comes your way.

Red Cedar Outdoor Patio Wide Slat Adirondack Chair

4) Red Cedar Southern Wide Slat Adirondack Chair: With massive 5” wide back slats for full body support, the design of this Red Cedar Southern Wide Slat Adirondack Chair lends itself to a great afternoon read or conversation without worry. The deep seating area provides plentiful comfort and lumbar support while the wide arms rest weary limbs at any point during the day. With zinc-plated steel hardware, the Western Red Cedar wood and its 390-lb capacity are a welcome addition to households where size and quality are almost as important as the beautiful design of the patio furniture.

Outdoor Room Design- Defining Spaces and Creating Separation

Outdoor spaces grow with every season, as homeowners create alfresco dining spaces with picnic tables and outdoor napping spots with swing beds.  However, the greatest opportunities can sometimes serve the greatest challenges.  I love the limitless prospects of decorating without walls or ceilings, but creating distinct spaces can be difficult without these go-to dividers.
Many people want a space for dinner parties as well as space for casual socializing.  Using creative barriers can help define spaces and communicate an open, yet structured outdoor space design.
Pathways: Often, space can be the best friend to the outdoor decorator.  If you’re lucky enough to take advantage of an expansive backyard, don’t feel pressured to pile your outdoor rooms on top of each other.  Housing your living space in a gazebo and your dining area under your porch (near the kitchen!) will clearly delineate your outdoor rooms.
To propel guests toward different outdoor rooms, use inviting pathways.  Paver stones and brick walkways work well, but treated pine roll-up walkways are an economical and portable option. Laying out pathways and walkways clearly tells guests where to explore!
2' Wide Treated Pine Roll-Up Walkway

Structures:  Using` a destination spot for dining.  Using structures not only adds dynamic architectural elements to your landscape, it creates more covered areas for relaxing and entertaining.

Treated Pine Rectangular Gazebo

Flora: Using vertical gardening techniques can also create private spaces and living walls between outdoor rooms.  Growing wisteria or trumpet vines up a trellis or garden arbor will develop colorful, living and growing walls that will make guests feel at home in a secret garden.  Using garden arbors with gates and softening the latticed edges with growing morning glories will let beautiful color spill over into every available outdoor space.

Red Cedar Canterbury Arbor with latching garden gate and lattice fence wings

Separating living, dining and lounging spaces within your outdoor rooms will make your backyard areas seem larger and more encompassing.  Group your outdoor furniture and patio furniture into outdoor rooms and make entertaining easy by cuing your guests around your outdoor living spaces.
Have Fun!

Trend Watch- Sit Back and Relax into Outdoor Deep Seating Collections

All too often in world of fashion, new styles enter the scene with a bang. Its not before a quick dressing room session and purchase that a silent prayer for comfort is made – since you know you’ll be wearing the non-stretchy skinny jeans or platform wedges regardless. With furniture, trends that range from hard and modern to thick and plush go in and out of style just as quickly as in fashion. This season, we welcome patio deep seating to the mix as one of the hottest – and thankfully, one of the most comfortable  styles of the season.

Teak Patio Outdoor Living Set

One of the coolest parts about the outdoor deep seating collections hitting the scene this spring is their ability to match a wide range of outdoor furniture you may already have. Take for instance the chic style of a Mission Sofa with cushions.  The outdoor sofa has cushions that come in so many different colors that it will find a way to match your pre-existing collections or outdoor themes.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, take a deeply set outdoor wicker chaise lounge or even a treated wood swingbed. The porch swing swingbed uses the same design as a classic porch swing, but boasts a deep and wide seat.  The deep seat lets loungers lay down and spread out, as if they were swinging on an outdoor porch bed.

Outdoor porch swing bed swingbed

Find yourself falling into one of the best pieces of patio furniture fashion with the deep seating collections for your outdoor living area. The robust surface area will prove itself as one of the best, most spacious alternatives to ordinary seating.

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