Onix Antara comes to Avant-Garde

New Product Line at Avant-Garde

You know every once in a while you see something that just cathches your eye, something not currently popular but with a lot of potential. Wel I found such a product this past week. I found a product that is unique, very beautiful and can fit with just about any decor type so I decided to carry them in my store. The company is called Onix Antara and they work with Onyx and do all sorts f wonderful creations. I will be distributing this product here in the US starting tomorrow once I launch my site..

They have three main categories, Lamps, Bathroom Acessories and sinks, and Wall decor. Lamps they separate between table lamps and wall hanging post lamps all made from the beautiful material Onyx and lit up from behind. Here are some examples of their product lines.. 

Lighting Collection Samples

The lamps they have are absolutely amazing and the vibrant color seen from the glowing material is stunning and all at a very reasonable price.

The Bathroom Sink Collection

Their sinks are very original in design and would make a great addition to any modern bathroom in our home. They have exquisite designs and look amazing...

The Wall Decor Collection:

Absolutely amazing collection of products. If you wish to view these products first hand and with a much greater selection, please visit the following link...

I hope all of you enjoyed the pictures of this amazing wonderful product. Any design can be custom made or any shape. Just let us know what yiu want and we will make it happen... 

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