Lake Chelan, Wenatchee, and 2 modern homes..

Lake Chelan, Wenatchee, and 2 very modern rustic homes

So my business partner Jessica Hale not only has the most amazing Family but her parents have the two most amazing homes in Eastern Washington. I am talking about the two cities of Wenatchee and Lake Chelan, a glacial lake which lies above sea level and is at some points 1,400 feet deep, 50 in length miles wide by 1 mile wide with frigid crystal clear waters in Eastern Washington and is picturesque and stunningly beautyful... 

Both places are ideal places to live. beautiful, quiet, and scenery so picturesque, you feel as if your in a National Geographic documentary film. These places are absolutely beautiful... At the same time they have all the fixings of a regular metropolis, Macy's, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe's, large shopping centers, great restaurants, which is common in Washington.. Food here is absolutely delicious. 

Some sights and scenery pictures from Lake Chelan:

Both towns have Main Streets but nothing compares to Lake Chelan's downtown Main street which looks like straight out of a movie, picturesque, lively, small town look and feel, and absolutely preserved so well you feel like your in Disney World.. A great place with beautiful people, and great little Mom and Pop shops all over the place, all Independent and there is no Wal-Mart anywhere to be found. The same is not true for Wenatchee but the Wa-mart has been remodeled to the new model design, is a super center, and there are still plenty of mom and pop shops all around the town, which is quite large, the set of county government and even has a Federal Courthouse building... 

Then of course we have the two homes that her mother built which are two of the most spectacular homes I have ever seen. One her father, who is divorced from her mother lives in and the second her mother is building with her new life partner in the mountains near Wenatchee. 

Lake Chelan Home:

absolutely stunning home on the foothills of Lake Chelan. The views are among the best in the country and spectacular amazing home itself. Fits right into the countryside, a great winery down below, and very comfortable and home like feel to the entire place. Beautiful, stunning, spectacular... 

The house in Wenatchee and scenery..

Absolutely stunning modern contemporary show place home. This home is by far the nicest house I have had the pleasure of really knowing the owners and having the ability to stay here anytime. The views of the city below are stunning and you can spend hours here just working and pretty much relaxing. 

Stunning, Beautiful, comfortable, and healthy living.. just what the Dr ordered..

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