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Guest Post By: Erik Braunitzer of Douglas Elliman Realty, Agents for Bronx Condos.

Contemporarily Sustainable Bathroom Design

By: Erik Braunitzer of Douglas Elliman Realty, Agents for Bronx Condos.

Everybody knows that it its important to build a sustainable bathroom, mixed with elements of contemporary design. Yet, there are two really distinct elements of a bath that can really turn the green meter up a notch.

To begin with, there are modern day faucets designed to save water through automatic shut off features. This could include anything from an infrared sensor on the faucet head itself to a water guard surrounding the plumbing beneath the sink. Some faucets are equipped with timers that allow for a certain amount of water to be thrust out before closing. And although more costly, most come elegantly designed and can transform any traditional bath into something more “happening.”


Next of course, is the bath itself. You’ll want to start with a new tub - preferably something recycled or reclaimed. Likewise, incorporating reclaimed tiles and dry wall will ensure that construction is sustainable. These same principles should go for any compounds (i.e. caulk) or materials that are to be applied. And like your faucet, baths also can come equipped with safe guard water hosing and automatic shutoff features. For a more contemporary feel, you may want to consider a ceiling showerhead. Upon construction, remember that you’ll have to save some room between tiles for shelving and soap holders.


Now what most people really don’t think about when it comes to building a more contemporary and sustainable bathroom is the actual lighting inside the bath area itself. There are a large number of things that you can do here, particularly with LED light bulbs. As portrayed in many images across the web, people have introduced track lighting around the actual base, middle and top of their bath, giving it a very “spa like” appeal. But one of the most interesting designs that can be viewed is what people deem as the “under the moonlight” showerhead. This state of the art relaxation tool is amongst many similar designs that permit showering in the dark. it provides ample light for bathing, but will leave you in a bit of a trance.

Again, your bath and your sink area are amongst two of the biggest components of transforming your bathroom into a 21st century spa. Water conservation is amongst some of the most prominent efforts of green enthusiasts and experts. These are a couple simple ways of reducing your own carbon footprint while illuminating your hygienic activities.