A true Bavarian Villiage in the USA?

Bavaria comes to America... 

So on the way back from Seattle in the mountain crossing my CFO Jessica Hale says that there is a Bavarian Village and i am like Bavaria is in Germany and I don't think so.. Her answer is I swear there were a bunch of German immigrants who immigrated here and created this Bavarian Village. I believed her of course but was expecting a nice mountain village with some semblance to the true Bavarian experience you get when you go to Europe..

WOW was I wroong.. What I got was a very realistic looking Bavarian true Village where every building in the town was put up and made to look like a true Bavarian building with all the fixings including the Balcony and outdoor paintings and just about every T and I was crossed when creating this place.. Its absolutely fantastic and totally unexpected. 

Walking down its main street you couldn't help but feel the true heart and spirit of Germany. Add a whole town of German speaking immigrants, Bavarian Buildings, a true central Bavarian Park, A bavarian looking Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, 76 Gas station, and just about every other major American brand but dressed up in the look and feel of Bavaria and YES you actually feel like you were just transported to Germany..

But don't believe me here are some pictures of the sites and sounds of Bavaria (in Washington State, USA) 

Enjoy the pictures... 

Like I said CRAZY.. An absolutely spectacular site to see and a must for all visitors to Washington, and honestly incredible to believe true Bavarian Village in the middle of the mountains crossing roads from Wenatchee to Seattle, Washington State, USA

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