Sailing Along to Miami....

Our Little Sailboat

Day Two Sailing from Daytona to Miami...

Our trip is not going as planned. We stayed up most the night putting all the items we brought from miami in the galley where we could not even sit due to all the items everywhere and it seemed that all the seats and every inch of available space was used.. Of course all of this was done in the famous stifling Florida heat and we discovered no nets for the windows or doorways meant Mosquitos. 

After my super nice shower yesterday I quickly realized once I left the AC controlled bathrooms, I found myself in the reality once again of being in a non AC small boat with no window screens, or fans to even circulate. Then came our rescue, someone so true to their promise that they always find the right solution for your immediate needs and at the cheapest price. Of course we mean the world famous, and savior of man kind, the  Super Center. While there we loaded up on LED lights, misters, 12 V operated fans - we bought 4 and they are clip on fans so we hung them in the room and galley. We also bought netting and placed it on the windows, doors, and sunroof, which allowed us to open all of them instantly cooling down our little ship. It was still hot but a tolerable heat, one in which I could fall asleep. 

Another View

Taking the engine apart..

This morning I woke up and realized we had to fix the engine in order to leave. What seemed like an easy task this morning turned into a nightmare and it is now 3:00 in the afternoon and still we have not finished, setting us back at least one day with mosquito lagoon just waiting for what I am sure will be our late arrival and inevitable anchoring in its now famous waterway. 

So again we are on our way to the showers, then wall-mart for another run, and then finally back to our little boat, one which I had hoped would be moving today back toward Miami, one whose engine would work, one who would be one day closer to bidding me farewell... Now instead we will sleep here again tonight and attempt once more tomorrow to get our little sailboat on the water and actually moving us closer to Miami and our ultimate destination for what will become a very modern, contemporary sailboat with a very colorful history. 

I am actually just looking forward to our departing this marina and be that much closer to Miami, and AC, and no more ocean.. LOL...

Stay Tuned for more from our journey

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