Miami, a modern, contemporary fast paced

Being from Miami I always forget that this city is perhaps one of the most modern, contemporary cities in the entire country. Sometimes it seems everything here is made in that style of design. From little small redecorated buildings on Miami Beach to large new condo developments on the river downtown, beach, and Coral Gables, it seems everyone is making the switch to this dynamic and ever increasing style of design. I have taken pictures around the city at various examples one in particular, a friend of mine's downtown apt in Miami is very stunning but that not the reason I am bringing it up. I am bringing it up because many things in there used separately would not qualify for modern, contemporary design status, however shown together and in the form that they are displayed, we definitely can call this Apt a Modern, Contemporary gem....

Enjoy the pictures below from Miami...

A Modern Contemporary Downtown Apt

Beautiful Modern, Contemporary APT on Biscayne

Love the Lime Green Walls

A $ 20,000 Traditional looking chair

Love the adding of Color


Beautiful; well placed artwork throughout

Original Studio 54 Ticket

This apartment has a great feel, appearence, and is absolutely stunning to be in. Well dedcorated, maintained and overall a ten in my book...

The Wind, Downtown Miami

Modern, Contemporary Entrance Wind, Condo Downtown

Wind Lobby

Wind Lobby

Downtown Miami with no rain in sight
and beautiful weather all around..
American Airlines Arena, Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami Buildings

Miami's Modern Homes

Modern, Contemporary Miami Home

Modern, Contemporary Miami Performing Arts Center

A Small Residential Building Miami Beach 

Small Residential Building, Miami Beach Lobby

Small Residential Building, Miami Beach Lobby

Small Residential Building, Miami Beach Lobby 15th & Pennsylvania

I hope all of you had a great and fantastic 4th of July and that you enjoyed the fireworks shows. Its almost 7 months into 2011 and WOW it seems everyday time flies. I only hope we live long enough to really enjoy life.  

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