Modern items and being back..

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Modern items and being back.. 




Today I am writting about modern items that just happen to catch my attention am HAPPY TO REPORT I WILL BE BACK TO REGULAR BLOGGING, AND to generally say that things are going well.. for the first time in a little while.. All is good from this front . I hope all of you enjoy the article and postings and of course pics...


Modern lighting...

outdoor-lighting copy
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With summer, comes a life lived more fully outdoors. But even the outside world needs proper lighting. Our modern outdoor lighting collection has something to enhance any outdoor space, be it urban patio or suburban back yard. 
From floor lamps to ceiling lights, illuminating the night has never been easier, and we’re not talking lanterns and torches (though, do have a look at our current Blomus sale for a few of those beauties). Why not make a dramatic statement with landscape lighting or kill two birds with one glowing piece of outdoor lighted furniture? 
We guarantee you’ll be counting the hours until the sun goes down.
It seems like lit seating is the in craze wave at the moment...  
A Great Redesign... 

While we’d certainly turn our nose up at anyone who travels to a distant spot just to stay put on their hotel premises, we may need to make an exception for those staying at Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez. Continuing in a tradition started in the 1980′s, when Philippe Starck was given free reign over the redesign of The Royalton hotel in New York City, Hotel Sezz’s interior design and furnishings were placed in the hands of the French furniture designer Christophe Pillet—and why not?
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For all their refined sophistication, Pillet’s furniture has always looked and felt comfort-conscious, with gentle curves and unusual organic forms that give off the air of having been born of careful ergonomic investigation. And there’s plenty of both sophistication and comfort on full display at this Hotel Sezz (Pillet has also outfitted the hotel’s Paris property), as one may expect from a hotel in wealthy, sun-drenched southern France.
But Pillet characteristically keeps things low-key, allowing Saint Tropez’s famously dazzling light to shine into (and on) a mostly muted color scheme and restrained furniture arrangements of soft leather, dark wood and burnished metals—a very Modernist brand of southern hospitality. Now, who’d ever want to leave all that?
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A Great and very cool house ...
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Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.09.33 PM
Who would have guessed that a mere 2-hour drive from Manhattan is a house partially designed by Ai Weiwei, the great Chinese contemporary artist, sculptor and sometime architect? Not us, frankly. But it turns out that Ai’s 2005 collaboration with the Swiss design firm, HHF Architects, is back on the market—and don’t we feel foolish for not having an extra $4.2M on hand.
40 pristine acres in upstate New York hold not just one, but two Ai co-designed structures, both originally commissioned by a pair of art collectors: a 4,000+ square foot, rectangular, aluminum-clad main house; and a 2,000+ square foot, gently curving, Cor-Ten steel guesthouse.
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.10.17 PM
And, befitting a collaboration between reductive Swiss design sensibilities and Ai’s penchant for highly-ordered installations, all the requisites of great modernist architecture are present: dramatic proportions, generous expanses of glass, indifference to ornamentation, preoccupation with geometry. And, of course, plenty of room reserved for displaying and viewing art. All that, and an intriguing provenance too. We’re betting this house’s tenure on the open market will be brief.
Am amazing place designed by great people... 
Apartment Living concepts
Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 5.05.57 PM
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The concept of turning a retail space into something approximating a real house is not particularly new—furniture retailers have been wisely staging their inventory for years—but the art form has been elevated to dazzling new heights by the Danish duo of Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver. Interior stylists, in addition to co-owners of the Copenhagen gallery, The Apartment, Busck and Hornhaver have renovated an actual apartment as their gallery space, and applied their razor-sharp, yet elegantly understated, instincts for interior decoration to enliven it with a revolving selection of objects of exceeding beauty, all culled from their ever-growing inventory.
That the resulting rooms can easily be mistaken for an actual apartment is testament to the owners’ considerable talent for both curating and editing. There are requisite mid-century Danish classics, to be sure, but add to that an unexpected, even quirky, mixture—folk art, hand-sewn quilts, contemporary abstract paintings, Art Deco light fixtures—and it’s no wonder this gallery exudes the aura of a home created over time with painstaking care and exquisite feel for space, color and form. An enviable distinction for any gallery, we think; or any home, for that matter.
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Very interesting design to say the least... 

All of the above items were strange unique and things that grab people's attention... we should always strive to be the center of attention or trends, however dont forget there is a fine line between center of attention and annoying..

I am updating the pictures of the company and have three new websites.. Stay tuned for a complete update on AG Home Goods.. 

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