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Modern items tat are in syle..

Today I am writing about a bunch of different modern items in sttle, no particular subject just a few things I found on the blog circuit that I found very interesting while i I searched for items for a good frien's bathroom I am helping to remodel.  

Hope all of you enjoy the pics and post. 


See It In Action: Frank Gehry Furniture Collection

There’s nothing like lounging outside at your own home in sleek modern style. As you can see above, the Frank Gehry Furniture Collection allows you to do just that! Throw a portable fire pit in the middle and you have the perfect set-up for relaxing outside with friends and family members.
Made from sleek silver molded polymer, the pieces within the Frank Gehry collection are shapely and stylish. Designed by the iconic Frank Gehry himself, they are made in the USA, can be used both indoors and out, and are suitable for commercial use. What more could you want from modern furniture?!

Shown above are two Frank Gehry Easy Chairs, a Frank Gehry Bench and a Left Twist Cube. In addition to what you see in action above, Heller offers many more chic pieces from Frank Gehry, all available at Inmod.

Won’t the Frank Gehry Furniture Collection look amazing in your backyard?

Open & Airy

Sites like Pinterest and Houzz make daydreaming so much easier – there are so many beautiful homes and places that we can all dream of living in one day. While many of them are beautiful rooms that provide inspiration for our own homes, some are more extreme and wild. Like this home shown above, for example.

It would be totally amazing to live in a home with a cat walk above a pool that borders what could be a living room or kitchen – it’s hard to tell from the photo! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go out for a morning swim and then hop up into the kitchen for breakfast? It certainly would – but what about the mess? Your kitchen would double as a mudroom! And is there enough glass to keep any rainfall out?
Perhaps a home like this would be best as a vacation home. Or maybe it’s not even a home – but a hotel lobby. At least Inmod is always here to provide plenty of modern furniture to decorate the space!

What do you think of this open and airy home? Would you live in a place like this or do you prefer more privacy and closure?

What’s Chic, Stylish and on Sale?

The Lotus Wall Clock, that’s what!!

Sure, you have appliances and cable boxes and other items in your home that tell you what time it is – but let’s be honest here – are any of them even as half as chic and stylish as the Lotus Wall Clock? And being that it’s on sale, too – it really is a no-brainer!!!

The intricate design of this mesmerizing wall clock is unique and ideal for any bare wall begging for some fresh decor. It’s diameter measures at 29.5 inches with a depth of 2 inches, which means it provides dimension and texture to your walls. And since it tells you what time it is – it’s functional and stylish at the same time!

As we mentioned, this modern wall clock is currently on sale. For a limited time, you can save an extra 30% off of the Lotus Wall Clock. WIth such a great deal, don’t hold back – because these clocks won’t last!
Where will you hang your Lotus Wall Clock?

Modern Room of the Week: Colorful Kitchen

For this week’s room of the week, we chose a modern kitchen that has a lot of color and several unique features. The color scheme of this kitchen is blues, greens, white and silver. The way that the colors have been distributed are consistent and creative – have you ever seen lime green countertops before? In a modern kitchen? I can’t say that I have!

Although the countertops are green throughout the kitchen, a raised bar counter is made of stainless steel, which adds a nice sleek touch. Did you notice the green floors that match the counters?

Another interesting feature of this kitchen is the exposed shelving. It is definitely not something you usually see in a kitchen – because typically there are cabinets there! These display units bring a surprise factor to the kitchen and they are a great way to add color and show off fun accessories.
What are your thoughts on this modern kitchen?

What do you think of the colors? Is there anything you would change?

Modern items...!!!

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