New items and changes at Avant-Garde!

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents....

New items and changes at Avant-Garde!

There are so many new items at Avant-Garde! We now have over 3,000 SKU's and all are cheaper then anywhere else.. Please have a look at some of our new product offerings...

New Nambe items and Electronics.. !

We continue to expand our selection of Nambe items and have most of their current items as well as a bunch of collections not available in many places. Please visit our Nambe section for more details

In electronics our offerings range from iPod and iPads to their accessories. We also carry a large selection of computers, notebooks, and everything in between. 

New Benzara Home Decor, lighting, mirrors, and so much more....

We have added many hems in this category and are now one of the largest distributors and sellers of this amazing product that offers modern, traditional home decor, room dividers, table decor, modern artwork, metal wall art, sculptures, ottomans, wine carts, and accent furniture.

New Arm Chair collections

We ofer a very large selection of arm chairs and carry every major brand of furniture. From Benzara, CC Home Furnishings, Mira, and many others

New Stackable Chairs

We now carry a very large selection on these items are our prices are not only compeditive but the best out these and our quality is a+ as we offer all major brands on these items

As you can see we have many new products but these shown above are just a fraction of what we have.. There are many more and all of the collection products have been updated and new ones added. 

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