Sailing down Indian River 2...

Sailboat part 2:

Once again we find ourselves on the way back to New Smerna beach to pick up our little sailboat only a day after we said we would return to make the trip down Indian river and into Miami. In reality it's been over three weeks and many changes have occured and it's just now we have had time to make this trip.

Many things have happened it these three weeks. Jessica Hale has become corporate secretary and partial owner and is now one of the managers at Avant-Garde, Home Furnishings, LLC. The company aquired office space at 811 NE 79 th street, Suite A, Miami, Florida 33138 and is negotiating showroom space at the same site with the building owners. The company's logo has been re-designed to a soon to be released spectacular modern logo with modern colors and the theme of the entire company has changed to sales with many contributions to charities. Each main category such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Home Decor, etc will have a portion of all sales in that particular category donated to one chosen charity. Ten-twelve charities will be chosen and selected and all will be environmental issues such as rain forests, save the wales, or human such as make a wish foundation or toys for tots, etc. More on all of this later but let's get back to the boat..

Avant-Garde Offices

We are determined more then ever to make the trip work this time. We brought everything we needed to ensure our success from extra tools, flashlights, food, and even a credit card in case we need to purchase a new engine should we not be able to get the one currently on to work properly. We even brought along with us Koa, Jesssica's son who is 15 so we could spend extra days up he if we needed to and not worry about him being alone.

We also brought with us extra materials to do some interior decorating on the boat to make it the Avant-Garde modern contemporary sailboat with the fixings and extras a sailboat should have and the little extras that make a non air-conditioned not so big a space boat with a broken engine with no assurances it will even start in the first place..

Wait a second its once again the nightmare I had a few weeks ago.. Just kidding all playing aside I am looking forward to four-five days of R & R on the Indian River down to Miami.

AG Home Goods