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Many of the designs of modern homes are made from traditional, to update and change the proportions of certain structures and to give a more contemporary sense of the Parliament. Rustic traditional styles, for example, has become a modern, incorporating details such as the entire layer of the same material, the rooms open, in addition to ceiling wall of windows, sliding glass doors provide access to green spaces, as for example.

Modern houses have a lot of influences from the traditional design of the South and functional, with a rectangular, long corridors and spacious rooms offer a feeling of freedom and light, which is so characteristic of contemporary design. Another style is to seek re-refine the design of a modern house with great beach house facades, large windows, which are able to take advantage of natural light and beauty of the landscape.

Other designs of modern houses has increased its popularity are:

Retro-modern houses, which perfectly combines the design features of the 70, the rectangular lines and contemporary trends, such as terraces for social interaction with highly detailed facades.

Eco-friendly homes that use natural light as possible so as to avoid unnecessary power consumption, and the construction of special materials, which help regulate the temperature in both winter and summer.

A multi-level modern house built in the levels of construction are visible for smaller spaces, with different levels of stress and to optimize the field landscape. He stressed the use of glass windows and unusual materials.

Whatever your taste, there are concepts of modern home that can accommodate your needs. Pay attention to details, you will be able to take the architecture of the past, construction methods and styles that can form the basis for designing an ideal home with the addition of elements to meet the rapidly changing lifestyles and the dynamics of our time.