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Lot 18 House Design Modern Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This new modern apartment / house design project is completed in September 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been designed by Arkitek Axis. This modern home design in Malaysia is conceptually a U-shaped plan, which is interlocked with central landscape and pool area.

This house has three floors open plan living room, dining room and kitchen to dry, closed around the central swimming pool on the ground floor, located in the circumference of the public in the long-ceiling large windows, wooden deck bridge and a platform cement penetrating and beautiful views out an outdoor pool area. Sliding doors open dining area forms a central pool and major axis.

The first level of this design consists of three Malaysian residential bedrooms, family room with balcony and views of the landscape open central area along the swimming pool, and an infinity pool on the roof garden is located on the second floor level. On the right side of the house is the landscape water feature, which can be seen in the area with large windows and stairs. Parking is hidden behind the house.