Modern Contemporary ideas and 5 Glass homes

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Modern Contemporary ideas and 5 Glass homes

Today I am sharing with all of you some nice creative ideas that are different and sure to make your home feel and look much more modern & contemporary.

Enjoy the pics and post...

create a rainbow in your home with crystals

The last weekend in April has arrived, it’s time to open those curtains, clean the windows and let the sun pour in. Of course, if you really want to bring your indoor living space to life, you’ll hang a crystal in those windows that welcome the sun.
Why Hang Crystals?
It doesn’t matter if you hang one or a dozen crystals, they are going to bring an array of intoxicating color into your home. Beams of light that dance around your room not only make the space appear larger, they breath new energy into the environment.
When you hang crystals in your window, they need to be close enough to the glass to capture the sun’s rays yet not so close that they can’t twirl around. It’s easiest if you hang a tension rod for this purpose, then you can hang one in the middle, scatter several across the width of the window at various heights or create a cluster.
For an even more dramatic look, position them so their light beams will reflect off a mirror or stainless steel object so your entire room will fill with a rainbow of color. You may want to experiment with several different sizes and shapes because every crystal will create its own unique pattern. Be warned though, staring at dancing rainbows can be additive!

nothing screams spring like a hammock

Spring is officially here and without a doubt, nothing goes hand in hand better with a warm sun and a cool breeze better than a hammock! While you may be picturing Gilligan’s Island and feel as though your contemporary outdoor living space has no room for rope, you should know that these loungers made for lazy days have come a very long way!
The Hatteras Hammocks Adventurer Collection pictured above is comfortable and extremely stylish. It features a fast-drying, durable fabric that allows your skin to breathe so you never feel sweaty like you would if you were laying on a lounge chair. The spreader bars are stunning, made from South American cumaru and for those who are environmentally conscious, good news, Hatteras Hammocks only uses cumaru harvested from managed forests!
Have you had a hard time getting comfortable in hammocks you’ve laid on before because they’re just too short? This hammock is an amazing 13 ft long and almost 5 ft wide with a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds so yes, there’s room for two!
You can find the Hatteras Hammocks Adventure Collection as well as full selection of rope, fabric, tree-hanging, free-standing and chair models at The Soothing Company.

3 unique window designs you can play with

Today’s Friday Fun post is meant to inspire you to do something with those boring rectangular windows you’ve got. It is so important to have sunlight flooding into your home, but that’s just half of the equation: the other half is the portal through which it floods. So enjoy these three stunning windows that you can use for inspiration, and get renovating!

Arches have been part of modern architecture since the days of Julius Caesar, but that doesn’t make them ancient. There is something timeless about their sweeping curve and their tall form. Arched windows are a stately and bold item, and they will make your home feel like a castle. You can flank a large arched window with two smaller arches on either side, or convert all of your windows to the arched look for royal effect.
Image courtesy of 601 Dolores Street

Stained glass isn’t just for church windows anymore. It can be a modern approach to window treatment as well. Not only does it look stunning as-is, but when the light comes through, it casts a rainbow of colors onto the interior. To avoid a dated look, go for geometric patterns as opposed to floral.
Image courtesy of Just Glass Online

You can completely ditch your rectangular windows in favor of circles if you want to. Circle windows have not fully caught on yet, but just take a look at the image above: the inlaid circle increases the design of the whole room, giving the impression of an upgraded porthole. Circles should be used with caution, but they can definitely create a unique look.

5 glitzy glass houses that make us drool

Today we here at PadStyle are going to kick off our weekly “Friday Fun” series, because we all deserve some relief from the weekly grind. Every Friday we’ll bring you something new, cool, wacky, or just plain outrageous from the world of design.
This week we have collected five beautiful and over-the-top glass houses for you to admire. We love the glass look in any modern home, but these five not-so-humble abodes take it to the limit: wall-to-ceiling glass adorns their every surface. While they look stunning and represent innovative architectural feats, we wonder just how comfortable the inhabitants are with the outside world looking in on their every waking (and sleeping) moment.
Without further ado, the five glitziest, glamorous glass houses you’ll ever see:
Image credit: Hillery Priest Architecture
This house is simply breathtaking, with its modern blocky shape and glass from top to bottom.
The Palacio de Cristal is probably the most stunning glass house on our list. While it is no longer a “house” per se as it is now a tourist attraction residing in Buen Retiro Park in central Madrid, it is a stunning piece of architecture nonetheless.
Image credit: Boyarsky Murphy
This tiny abode is nestled in between two looming Victorian mansions in west London. While it might appear small, it adds an air of intrigue and subtlety to London’s often cramped and sometimes dilapidated streets.
Image credit: Werner Sobek
Yes, this is a real house and not just a design concept. The cube-like form and sharp lines are interesting on their own, but when we found out that this home is completely green – it generates its own heat, energy, and is even recyclable – our jaws dropped.
If you follow architecture, you’ve heard of LoftCube. They design “floating homes”, and the one pictured above is a glass example of the power that these portable lofts pack.

Modern Contemporary homes and ideas

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