Living room modern touches..

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Living room modern touches..

Today I am sharing with all of you items and furniture that will make your living room shine out among the rest. There is everything from sofa and chairs to tables and little decor ideas that are sure to get your guests talking about your place...

Enjoy the pics and post..

mod midcentury inlay cabinet

Subtle style makes a dramatic difference. The simple style that the Mod Midcentury Inlay Cabinet displays is all about the details. The all-bamboo cabinet is constructed from environmentally-friendly materials, certified “green”, so you know you’re helping the environment while you add a touch of style to your home. The inlay bamboo in the corner is a modern twist on a traditional design. You can choose from four configurations – a nightstand, sideboard, long dresser or tall dresser – that are all made of amber bamboo and feature an intriguing inlay. Help your style and help the environment with the calm presence of these cabinets. You can purchase the Mod Midcentury Inlay Cabinet from for $1900.00 – $4500.00.

the power of the coffee table

The coffee table is an oft overlooked piece of furniture, but the right coffee table can make or break a living room. But what makes a coffee table a coffee table? And what modern styles are out there? We here at Padstyle are here to answer all of your coffee table-related questions.
Possibly the most defining feature of a coffee table is its long, low shape. It normally has shorter legs than a side table or a bistro table, and it is usually oval or rectangle as opposed to circular or square in shape. This is so that it can be placed in front of a sofa and compliment its long form and be at just the right height for easy access to anything on its surface.
However, not all coffee tables are created equal. These basic features don’t come close to describing a truly modern coffee table. Some are tall, some are short; some are wide, some are thin; some are made of wood, some are made of glass; and all of them can compliment their surroundings if placed appropriately.
You can have a coffee table that matches a handful of side tables, or you can create an eclectic look using a variety of shapes and styles. The coffee table you choose can be made of glass, wood, chrome, plastic or any material of your choosing, as long as it is sturdy and stable.
A coffee table is an integral part of a living room, because it centers all the other furniture. Your sofa set will pop if you incorporate the right coffee table – but it could fizzle if you choose the wrong one. Coffee tables are also used as a gathering place, so you’ll likely want yours to be warm and inviting.
Consider size, placement, texture and material when picking out your coffee table – you’ll thank yourself later.

springfield designer sectional v.3


Serene and simple seating, with a seductive touch. Smaller spaces will rejoice when they are adorned with the Springfield Designer Sectional v.3. This living room staple has a simple design ethos: to provide comfort and style with a reserved attitude. There is nothing over-the-top about this sectional. It features a streamline base and seating for four spread out along the cushioned main section and the more minimalist side chaise. Made in true Italian minimalist fashion, you can dress it up with some throw pillows and blankets, or keep its minimalist vibe going by placing it up against a blank wall. You can choose from 57 leather options or 53 fabric colors to make this sectional a true reflection of your designer’s eye. You’ll find the Springfield Designer Sectional v.3 at for $11,539.00.

classic coffee table

Black coffee, no-frills coffee table. Stripping something down to its elements can be a refreshing experience. This Classic Coffee Table offers a simple and straightforward design – it is a coffee table, and nothing more (other than a stylish modern piece with retro vibes). The mid-range height and thin legs produce a boxy appearance that would fill out any living room in need of some surface area. The center cutout is a convenient storage compartment for magazines, books and other living room knick-knacks. And this table comes in your choice of maple, walnut or white oak, so you can match it to your ideal modern decor. This Classic Coffee Table can be your for $767.00 by

bellino sofa – three seater

Plush comfort without the frills – a truly minimalist sofa. The Bellino Sofa is the epitome of comfort and modern. It is a deep-seating sofa, and feature an angled backrest and a low-sitting frame designed to fit the human contours and provide maximum comfort. At the same time, it is extremely minimalist, using a single, thick line to create the bulk of the form, and another two lines for the crossed chrome legs. This is a sofa that will lighten up a decor that is too bulky, and create breathable space in any room. It is available in several colors. For $930.00 you can purchase the Bellino Sofa – Three Seater at KPM Furniture

diamond modern tv unit by rossetto

Luxurious living. Your news flat screen TV deserves to be mounted in a sleek, sophisticated unit – and that’s exactly what this Diamond Modern TV Unit is. Featuring a premium quality of craftsmanship, the hardwood construction that forms the base of this unit is finished in a glossy black lacquer with crocodile leather accents. It is minimalist in spirit, but has enough storage space on the two glass shelves and in the base for all of your media storage needs. And to maintain the crisp, clean look that any modern home theater needs, this unit can minimize and hide unsightly wires for your peace of mind. The Diamond Modern TV Unit by Rossetto is available at for $3,089.00.

sly delux sofa bed

You don’t have to sacrifice style for your guests’ comfort. Often, we will pull out an unsightly air mattress or old futon when we know guests are going to be spending the night. However, sleeping arrangement for those extra bodies don’t have to rely on cluttered, out-of-place furniture. The Sly Delux Sofa is the perfect option for a house that wants to retain its style while catering to the needs of guests. It features an industrial steel frame and chrome or matte black legs for assuring support as well as four color options: brown or black microfiber, and white or black textile leather. But the true value is in the comfort: individual pocket springs to reduce movement and to place this mattress in the coveted category of dense, firm comfort. The Sly Delux Sofa can be found at for $1,410.00.

Things that will make your living room shine..

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