Ceilings and Staircases..

Ceilings and Staircases..

Today I am sharing with all of you the secrets to getting the perfect ceiling and how to open up your staircase to make your home much brighter and open... 

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Tray Ceilings... 

Tray ceilings are becoming quite popular for a few very good reasons. They have two or more levels with the center ceiling being at least one to two feet higher above where the primary ceiling begins. This approach brings a dramatic architectural look to any room.
  • Height – Even a home with average walls can appear quite tall with tray ceilings because the central area grants the room so much additional depth.
  • Overall Volume – Not only does a room appear taller with tray ceilings, the overall size of the space appears significantly larger. In fact, the room is provided with so much more volume, it is recommended to measure your walls when shopping for furniture because it is common to over-buy, thinking that you have more room than you actually do.
  • Design – Tray ceilings offer a great amount of flexibility when it comes to decorating. You can have fun with different paint colors, borders, add lighting around a layer or even paint a mural or install decorative molding.
If you are planning a remodel on a room and you really want to have that WOW factor you’re looking for, a tray ceiling may be just what you need to really take the appearance of the room to another level (or several levels)!


Looking for a big project this winter? Consider opening up one of your closed staircases. Your home will appear lighter, airier and generally more open.
An enclose staircase is one whose base extends from the top to the floor, effectively creating two walls on either side of the staircase. Most staircases, unless they have some special treatment, are closed – but they can be opened up with a little remodeling know-how.
By knocking the wall down, you give yourself so many additional options for your home. Think about all the space that could be used underneath for storage now. You can put a lovely shelving unit or some storage boxes under your stairs, and expand your storage space by a significant margin.
Or, try using that space as an architecturally interesting design canvas. You can display plates, artwork, collectibles or any number of things beneath an open staircase that would have to find another home otherwise.
The whole room will seem larger if you knock out the wall beneath your staircase. More sun will filter in, and you’ll find yourself wondering how you managed before all this new space was available.
An open staircase can also be used to architecturally connect one room to another. As staircases often separate rooms, opening them can bring two spaces together harmoniously.
Just a word of warning: this can be a rather large project to take on, so be sure that you have professional help or advice before you get started.

Vaulted Ceilings

Have you been wanting to experiment with a new color or even repaint for freshness but that tall vaulted ceiling is getting in your way? Painting this type of ceiling can seem like a monumental size project but with a little guidance, you can get it done!
Prepare the Room
Keep in mind that as neat as you may be at painting walls, vaulted ceilings are an entirely different story. There is a lot of potential for long drips that pick up speed on the way down and splatter hard on impact! Move what you can out of the room, take everything off of your walls and cover everything that is left (including the floor) with tarps.
You also want to get a cleaning device with a very long pole and clean away those cobwebs. Lastly, apply painter’s tape on all of the walls and molding that meet up with the ceiling.
Will Your Ladder Reach?
Depending on how high your ceilings are and how tall your ladder is, you may be all set to begin. Keep in mind that you want to be able to reach the highest point without risking standing on top of the ladder which is never safe! If you can’t reach, you can rent scaffolding or borrow a taller ladder from someone.
Paint the edges first using a paint brush, not a roller. This will allow you to get right up close to the painter’s tape without risking making contact with the walls. Using a roller brush on an extension, paint the ceiling from one end to the other, making sure that there are no bubbles. If you need a second coat, give the first coat time to dry so you can really get a good visual of any spots that you may have missed.
Painting a vaulted ceiling may be a bit of a pain but you’ll be glad you did it every time you look up or your guests comment on how spectacular the color is!

Decorating with Low Ceilings..

Low ceilings can be a challenge when decorating because even a large room can quickly feel dwarfed with the wrong paint and decor. If you have a room that’s barely clearing your head, you can make it look much taller!
  • Border – Hanging a border about a foot down from the top of the wall and then painting the wall below the border a darker color will give the illusion of a taller ceiling.  Alternatively, you can paint your darker color up onto the ceiling, making the wall appear taller if you don’t want to use a border.  This can tricky though to keep perfectly even.
  • Hang Curtains – Position your curtain rods closer to the ceiling rather than directly over the window and use longer curtains. This will add a significant amount of height to the space.
  • Accent Slopes – Have a ceiling that slopes on one side? This is super common in upstairs bedrooms. Why not accent the slope by hanging sheer scarves from the ceiling and then drape them down the slope and use a thumbtack to hold them in place? Fabric will add depth!
  • Mirrors – Anytime you are faced with a size issue, hang mirrors. Staggering them at various heights will make the room more three-dimensional.
Low ceilings are certainly not the end of the world. Yes, they pose a bit of a challenge when creating a contemporary room but there are definitely things you can do add height to the space. Don’t underestimate just how charming those slanted ceilings can be either! They give your room more personality than you know.

Ceilings and Staircases Galore...

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