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Buying a Bed, additions for your space, and creating a modern-traditional bathroom

Buying a Bed, additions for your space, and creating a modern-traditional bathroom

Today I am sharing with all of you how to pick the perfect bed for your space, how to accent pieces or furniture to your space, and how to create a modern-traditional looking bathroom in your Space. These tips should help many of you that in need of tips in any one of these areas... 

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Buying a bed is a large and significant purchase and one that will hopefully give you years of comfort and lots of good sleep. During a seven-year lifespan, you will spend around 20,000 hours on your bed, so it is important to take some time and put some effort into making sure you buy the right bed for you. With so many options on the market you may feel overwhelmed with the choice. Here are 5 top tips that will help you to make the right decision when it comes to picking the perfect bed for you.

Think About Your Priorities
Think about what you want out of a bed and decide on what your priorities are. Factors to consider are the price, access to your bedroom, storage, turning the mattress, standard or electric beds, comfort of the headboard, any health issues, overall size and shape, materials and colour, getting in and out of bed and any other personal needs or desires you may have.

Try Out As Many Beds As Possible

Visit a bed showroom and take the time to try out as many beds as possible. If the bed is for two, you will both need to try it out simultaneously, as it will need to suit you both and be comfortable with you both on it. Wear comfy clothes and remove your outdoor gear before getting on the beds. Lie in a normal sleeping position for several minutes and try turning too. You should be looking for comfort and correct support for your build and weight, not just firmness.

Bed and Mattress
Remember that a bed is a base and mattress working together and should therefore be considered together rather than as isolated items. This is not always possible, however and you may have to select a single or a double mattress, and bed base separately. Ensure that they are well matched, the mattress is the correct size to fit on the bed base and that you are happy that the elements go together. Not all bed sizes are standardized and even with the same name such as ‘King Size’, you may find that different manufacturers make a King Size in different dimensions.

Think Big
Quite simply, bigger beds are more comfortable, especially if you sleep alongside a partner. Having room to stretch out, turn over and curl up without disturbing your partner is key to getting a good night’s sleep. With a bigger bed, you are much less likely to disturb one another, making your bed a more restful place to be and aiding in a quality night’s sleep for you both. Even if you sleep alone, a larger bed makes it easier to roll over in the night without waking or reaching the edge of the bed.

You Get What You Pay For
As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to beds. This refers to both the quality of the product and the service. Spend as much as you can possibly afford when buying a bed, as you will spend a large proportion of each night lying on it. The more you can afford, the better the quality and your bed should remain comfortable for a long time.


Now it’s the New Year, you’ll want to accessorise your home accordingly. One of the most popular current trends is moving toward green energy and gadgets and furniture that will allow you to do that will be the focus of this article, with a few ‘cool’ things thrown in too.

• New induction heated ovens are being developed, which, for those unfamiliar with the technology, use magnets to heat pots for cooking rather than traditional gas.

• Espresso machine with biometric capabilities? Though this may sound like a sci-fi fantasy, it is now a reality; each member of the household can program their ‘favorite’ coffee, and then simply place their finger on the machine’s scanner to prompt the machine to consult their coffee profile and make their drink.

• Electric radiators: traditional methods of heating are not as productive as some people think and electric radiators are one direction in which you can move to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. Not only that, but they look stylish!

• Mushroom packaging: thought it doesn’t sound particularly appealing, an alternative to polystyrene (a burden on the environment) has been produced that involves shaping fungal mycelium (baby mushrooms) into boxes. These boxes are biodegradable and, as they are stopped from growing fully, free from allergens and unable to ‘go off’.

• A good old fashioned plant: what better way to make your home green than to add a few flowers and plants? Though not ‘new’, they are perennial and can be bought to suit any existing décor and personal tastes. My personal favorite is a conifer tree.


Want in on a secret? Trendiness isn’t necessarily what’s “new”. Right now, a growing trend in interiors, especially in bathrooms, is giving everything an antique glaze.

Antique bathrooms can be subtle in their approach, or they can be a complete blast from the past.
Take cabinet styles for instance. You can create an antique look simply by adding a distressed finish to your current cabinets, especially if they are made from wood. Just be sure to safely apply the varnish and coatings to be sure to preserve your cabinet.

Cabinets can also be completely redone to get that antique look. Think beautifully, ornate, carved wooden shelves lining your walls, in either a rich brown or light neutral.

If you want to just dip your toes in the water of antique bathroom style, you can try upgrading your fixtures to reflect the dated-but-trendy look you desire. Rubbed bronze is always a good bet when going for the antique look.
Other accessories can give that antiqued feel too. Try adding a detailed, vintage, framed mirror above your sink. Going to anything gilded in gold or bronze can get you just the effect you’re looking for.
When redesigning your bathroom in the antique style, try to purchase sturdy, good quality pieces. Although flea markets and vintage shops can offer great finds, don’t be afraid to really test out the merchandise before buying. If the pieces are truly antique, you don’t want to buy them just for their style only to find out that they have no substance when you get home.

There you have it.. Good IDEAS AND TIPS..