Another day in Cuba and more info on this beautiful Island

From Cuba and Missing all of you...

Cuba is a very nice but Technologically challanged country ...

I am writting all of you today from the Island Nation of Cuba, A beautiful paradise where I am on vacation with my enytire family celebrating my grandmother´s 105th Birthday PARTY. We have planned a huge celebration and she is as fit as is to be expected from someone her age. We have rented out an entire floor of a hotel in Santa Clara, one of Cuba´s oldest and most advanced cities and have invited over 100 people to join us.

Cuba is a beautiful paradise of jungles, sugar fields, and beautiful scenic mountains. The cities are decaying however not anywhere near as bad as is portrayed by the mainstream media outside the island. For the most part people get by and rarely do they or one hear mention of the government. Mostly people just go about their daily lives. I would send pictures but I can not upload my camera as no one on the island is permitted internet access, only gvernment run centers where you must be a foreiger with a valid passport are you allowed to even browse or communicate through the internet, which is where I am writting this blog from today.

its amazing how in a world full of technology wonders such as the iPhone, iPad, computers, video games, plasma TV´s and all other electronics, this island has none of them and your considered rich if you have a cell phone. iPhones here do not work either the iPads unless you are from Europe or Canada or any other country besides the United States whose connections work through the Cuban Cell network which is run by the government and then at an astronomical cost. WiFi is a thing only seen in rich tourist areas or huge spanish, italian, and british hotels in the capital, which I must say is stunningly beautiful as the government has spent millions renovating the old section of Havanna. I have never seen in my countless travels such beautifilly preserved and restored old section of a capital as the one found in Havanna. It literally seems like you just stepped off a time machine and are instantly hit by bright colors of the Carribean in the paints used to refurbish all downtown buildings. It truly seems your someplace else and at another time in History.

And now to its beaches, not a single place I have ever been, Carribean, Pacific, South America, Africa, Mediterranean, Framce, Greece, Ibiza, Mykonos, compares to the truly clear and crystal waters of the beaches of Cuba. Unspoiled, untouched, and about as nice as you can possibly imagine Varadero is indeed the most beautiful best kept beach in the entire world. Pristine and vigin at tourism its perhaps the world´s best kept secret.

Hopefully I will be able to attach pictures shortly to share with all of you this remarkable Island nation whose peoples are the friendliest anywhere on this planet and they openly share with you everything, even if its little or nothing, that they have and open their hearts and homes to you and welcome you to come back anytime.

Truly a remarkable experience and a truly stunningly scenic beautiful Island Nation, Cuba is an experience more of you should experience..

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