Changes almost finished at AG Home Goods...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Changes almost finished at AG Home Goods... 

TODAY I want to share with all of you that most of the new branding and logos are up throughout our sites. The store, interior design site, and info site are all up and running. We also have a new site which will become that is a brief intro page that links to all our sites. Please check out the new and improved AG Home Goods..

We have redone or user interface, created new categories, and made navigation through the various sites as easy as eating a piece of cake.. Check them out for yourself and please send in any comments or suggestions that your might have to better improve our sites..

We have gone a long way to make the store cleaner, more user friendly, and much more food for the eyes.. In other we think you will be impressed by all our changes..Please let us know and send any and all comments on our store.. The input will be greatly appreciated..

Thanks for your continued support..

Its simply amazing..