Modern, contemporary, & renovated, Miami's Biscayne Blvd...

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Modern, contemporary, & renovated, Miami's Biscayne Blvd...

Biscayne Blvd at a glance

Today I am writing about all the changes that have taken place on Biscayne Blvd, Miami's old main street that crosses the entire city starting up where it begins around 81 st up by the neighborhood Bell Meade followed by Morningside, then the once secluded and guarded like a fortress old Miami Money neighborhood, winding through the art and design district on 36th street and finally making its way into downtown before ending on Brickell, which has always been the upscale financial district..

For a long time the entire area was blighted, full of prostitutes, adult book stores, boarded up homes and hotels and known as a dark lit, crime and drug infested Blvd, one which tourists and locals alike were warned to stay away from and the situation for the neighborhoods of Bealle Meade and Morning-side two predominantly white, affluent Gay populations grew to a point of desperation so much that they blocked themselves in and hied security companies to patrol their borders..

Finally the city of Miami had enough and called the police into action and after years of arrests, clean-ups, forced closures of seedy businesses and locations catering to the drug addicted criminal crowd, the area began its comeback and WOW what a comeback it i now seeing...

After extensive city improvements along the entire road, the renovation of the design district, and the incentives to invest, the area is now Miami's number one development site with new Condos, stores, Supermarkets, and sidewalk cafes popping up all over the place... Neighborhoods once not dared be entered by locals or tourists are now walking areas and outside malls with restaurants, stores, even night clubs and bars for the evening crowd. Entire areas have been completely transformed into one of Miami's most sought after real estate areas and development zones... 

Here are some pictures of the newly revitalized Biscayne Blvd Miami Corridor from NE 81st Street till Bayside in downtown, a totally pedestrian friendly beautiful up and coming area of the city of Miami.. 

Amazing is the only thing I can say..

Enjoy the pics and post..

Picture Group One...

Biscayne Blvd up in the NE 60's range in other words NE 60-NE 79th Street. The outdoor cafe's, car washes, Dogma, Sushi places, etc already line the streets and the old sex hotels are being renovated and now even families, that in the 60's were the predominant residents of these hotels, replaced by hookers and drug addicts and dealers in the 70's and 80's as the area began its steady decline.. 

Group Two Pictures....

The area around the NE 40's to NE 60th Streets with the Starbucks located on 69th.. Again here we have many restaurants, new developments and new introductions by Starbucks, Soyca, Gyms, Miami Subs, Balans, independent retail outlets, new condos, new hotels, and many pedestrian friendly renovations such as Parks and walking areas..

Retail shopping along Biscayne

Soyca Miami

New development along Biscayne and 30th Streets

Renovated Hotel by 36th Street

Very nicely kept landscaping and newly renovated Streets

Entering the downtown corridor

New developments entering the downtown corridor

Group Three Pictures...

This is the last stretch of Biscayne Blvd. This stretch is the one containing the Hilton Hotel, the Omni shopping mall, Art Center, and finally the new entertainment club district, highrises, and now being remodeled Biscayne Park next to the American Airlines Arena, also in this section of Biscayne.. 

The Bacardi Building

The New Publix on Biscayne and 25th

Omni Shopping Area

The new Arts Complex

New Highrises accross from Biscayne Park

The Liberty Tower entering downtown

Group Four Pictures...

The last set of pictures are pictures within downtown Miami, once thought of a no mans zone at night past 6:00 PM, now a pedestrian zone that sees many people out and about enjoying the nightlife, shopping, and many side walk cafes and restaurants.. 

Bayside Market Place

The new Federal Courthouse

The Miami Police Department

Downtown Miami Park

Miami's Government Center

Modern Contemporary renovated Biscayne Blvd..Indeed a totally transformed Miami masterpiece, one that will continue to evolve into a mecca of living, stores, and nightlife...

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