All about modern stuff for the home...

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All about modern stuff for the home...

Today I am sharing with all of you new design concepts and ultra minimal designs that are sure to blow many of you away. These are bare minimum designs that are in my opinion revolutionary and the next big step in the modern contemporary style of design.. This definitely goes in the direction that less is better

Enjoy the pics and post...

Versatile and Modern Kitchen Design with Elegant Gray 

by Ernestomeda

Here is a versatile kitchen design that designed by Ernestomeda with some amazing functions. This kitchen was nicknamed One Collections are designed using shades of gray contrastive with the equipment. This kitchen is made of steel gray that looks very elegant to complement your modern kitchen decor. Gray kitchen equipped with sink, cook top and oven that can be used easily. For the storage unit consists of gray metal cabinet base / cabinet, the arena is easy matt lacquered wall cabinets, solid gray iron kitchen table, rack and handle. There was truly versatile kitchen design with facilities that provide convenience for you to do activities in the kitchen.

modern kitchen design with elegant gray

This practical kitchen with gray color scheme that is not boring and has a function and color harmony. Contrastive shades of gray between the equipment with a slightly lighter color compliment the dark walls and kitchen cabinets. This is some exceptional kitchen design that was gives a character to the decor of the room and make your kitchen more stylish. Believe that this kitchen will not make the dullness or boredom in your interior decorating because they are cool and elegant. Check out Ernestomeda to learn more.
elegant gray kitchen with amazing functions
practical versatile kitchen by Ernestomeda
stylish kitchen design made of steel gray

The Perfect Upgrade, Unique Luxurious Bathroom

Designs Concept by Icosmic

When good is not too satisfactory for you, maybe just an exclusive level that can make you glad that you have a bathroom system is completely integrated. Introducing the all bathroom furniture consists of a white box the most basic, chrome, and glass panels for the walls in the shower. Collection consists of various kinds of sinks, cabinets, faucets and mirrors hanging. Lovely and flawless, it is smooth, and without the slightest, so you will not notice that you have been for long time in this modern bathroom.Icosmic create hidden functions and control so that safe to use for each family member. No needs to worry about the cable, or details that can make you worry.
wall glass panels with rain shower modular stainless faucets

System modern bathroom is fitted with clear glass panels are mounted using the chrome bar, then on the other side of the washbasin is given as a multipurpose accessories. Upgrade strictly minimalist shape resembling the elbow that is not going to see water flowing in the pipe. It are also equipped with high-tech applications, a rectangular mirror with integrated fluorescent lamp. The water that you need during a shower will be provided from the hole with cover smart. While all the pipes planted in washbasin elegant appearance without disturbing your concept of sanitation.
wall mounted sink with rectangular mirror and fluorescent neon lights integrated
It also has beautiful bath-stone, and very suitable for maximum relaxation. Cosmic offers bathroom design environment according to your personality likes. Upgrades are made from high quality materials by combining the use of the economist and ecological water to ensure durable though there is moisture. It is a passion with evocative sensation that is not forgotten when redesigning a bathroom house or apartment. Upgrade means also freedom of innovation and clear thinking to the concept of super-modern, full functionality and appearance of contemporary style. Visit Icosmic for more detailed.
simply minimalist bathroom collection with bath stone ideas
multifunctional luxury bathroom with sanctuary for relaxation
innovation ultra-modern geometric sanitary application with straight line design
contemporary sink without water pipe sticking out and minimalist cabinet

New Geometric Transformation Flat Electric Water 

Radiator, Vu by Antax

Pick hot new design for creation of a water-filled radiator style, and be able to increase the passion of love hearts. Strong character and individuality to bring a new form of three large holes resembling a U shape, even this can be used as a towel rack on the sides. Originality is terrible to have a retro radiator with geometric designs structured. It has simple design of advanced manufacturing Antrax circle line holes for smooth masculine air. Vu has a contemporary interior accents high metal loop by offering repetition of forms. Massimo Iosa Ghini Designed by composing bathroom apartment becomes more alive, and has the focus appeared. More than just hot water radiator simple design, it combines imaginative pieces into a luxurious configuration.
triple radiator imaginative designs to modern classical interior bathroom Antrax Vu

Exclusive Vu introduced from steel, flat-panel sculpture with single runs in the surrounding tubing. By using flame heating system, water will flow through a tube attached to the back plate. It very contemporary bathroom applications, that can be equipped with electric thermostat to Chrono, which will enable simultaneous control. While a single measure 168 cm x 27.5 cm GSAT steel radiator. Antrax have a variety of different colors, which provided more than 200 manufacturers. In addition, a comprehensive special finish for bathroom shower body modes is also brilliant chrome, to complement the product sensual attraction. Heating requirements in bathroom applications can be installed in accordance lined up double or triple wide and spacious room. Inspired design and fluid dynamic and sophisticated artistic style, this aspect makes Vu is very flexible with lots of bathroom concept.
single home water radiator equipped with electric thermostat to control simultaneously
radiator apartment with character dynamic sculptures and artistic features asymmetrical
contemporary steel radiators for heating riconnotare traditional wall elements

Famous Vela, Sexy and Smooth Bathroom Designs by Rexa

Asymmetrical, elegant, this is new models from the collection of sanitary ware is designed like a pear. Like a ship on a romantic beach, this bathtub is the appreciation of the dream of a beautiful bathroom. Designed with kind of curved smooth curve with full details art for bath and body relax. Bathtubs in this collection suitable for bathrooms medium to large size that consists of three parts, namely the dry bath, rain shower mode with spotty rain showers which spread in a transparent glass walls, and hand washing facilities for simple and comfortable seating. Vela is a modern bathroom designs systems that consist of some furniture with versatile bath accessories for the ultra-luxurious bathroom fittings. Rexa has proven to compete in today’s market without worrying about design originality trendy bathroom residence.
picture of sanitary ware with white elegant bathtub designs concept

You do not have to worry on the quality, Vela made with Korakril ™ – a mixture of acrylic resin and natural minerals – is the material chosen to create a custom bathroom. This is a collection of contemporary sanitary ware with a few colors to choose from for the exterior, such as light blue, black, blue, gray, or brown. Rexa also has a shower enclosure, 8 mm tempered glass comes in a clear and various shades of color with steel hardware. all products are designed by a team of reliable, among others, Axor, Imago Design and Gianluca Perissinotto. Equipped with rain shower water to the entire body more easy, and small basin with cabinet minimalist. Cozy style inspired bathtub fixture of the series to make the space more useful and durable bathroom. This awesome bathroom collection has been fascinating to a modern apartment house.
pictures of black and white sanitary ware bathrooms rain shower mode
Vela bathroom collections comes raw or varnished finish Modern minimalist color palette. We talked a lot about bathtubs, which is main feature, with white color size: 200 x 100 cm in phenol-laminated wood (walnut, medium gray), while the black basin: 190 x 91 cm, 210 x 110 cm. while for the basin that has been designed to be installed as floor and wall mounted. Rexa also provide an oval mirror on the wall with minimalist frame that makes it look elegant. Additional towel rack installed near the washbasin would facilitate collection of Vela became the inspiration for the design of ceramic sanitary ware total concept. Visit Rexa for more information.
sanitary ware bathroom display reviews from natural mineral Korakril
sanitary ware house decor with Italian integrated bathtub
trendy contemporary bathroom with white aquamarine settlement
freestanding shower bathroom faucet system for the concept of originality
modular bathroom interior with multifunctional washbasin furniture sets

Ultra modern design ideas that are minimal to say the least.. 

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