all about lighting..

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all about lighting..

Today I am sharing with all of you all about modern lighting and new products that are sure to make your home stick out among all others. Some of these lights are so different your probably going to be the only one that has it and for sure the talk of the town..

Enjoy the pics and post..

Flamenca – Romantic and Unique Lighting Design by 

QisDesign is back with a magical lighting design that is able to create a unique feel in any room. Flamenca is a bicolor acrylic light with a fitted shape with a curved metal plate. They try to combine LED technology with sophisticated design to create Flamenco skirt swirling in the air. The table lamps create a romantic ambience with beautiful beams and extraordinary. A new lighting design that is takes the user to experience the rich flavor and is able to enhance the fun atmosphere. This lamp is perfect to complement the modern or contemporary interior decor in your room.
flamenca romantic and unique lighting design

The lamp comes in green, pink and orange are powered by an AC adapter, via USB or by batteries. Flamenca lamp is capable of coloring your life with life-style decor in a few scenes. You can put these lamps in bedrooms, living room or desk to create unique shades of lighting. An amazing design that is able to make the room more stylish and inviting timeless beauty. Visit QisDesign soon for more information about this romantic lighting design.
bicolor acrylic light with a fitted shape
unique lighting design with beautiful beams
table lamp with a fitted shape QisDesign

Artistic Handmade Chandelier with Beautiful Patterns by 


Handmade lamp that comes from Zenza is able to create illusions and shadows to create stunning in any room. They were inspired by the Egyptians who have unique architectures and can be outside for very appreciated in the art. This chandelier consists of several shapes and sizes that you can choose according to tastes interior. Each lamp has a different motif and patterns of holes in a very unique and artistic. The lights create a cool image in their environment when turned on, really remarkable. The design is quite complicated but has a very high artistic value and differs with the design of light usually.
handmade chandelier with beautiful patterns

The lamp is hand made using traditional craft techniques from around the world designed in detail to create the best products. An amazing design that is able to provide a new atmosphere in a modern or contemporary interior decor. These lights create a style in every room and invites eternal beauty. They enhance the artistic feel of any room with a unique and beautiful lighting. It’s really a futuristic light design that is able to provide magical that you have never found. Go to the Zenza for more information.
artistic unique chandelier design Zenza
beautiful chandelier design with unique motif
contemporary stylish chandelier Egyptians inspired

Contemporary Stylish Table Lamp with Vertical Shape, 

Air by Ray Power

Lzf comes with a unique lighting design that shows both a visual and technical stability to the shape of a cone. This is the Air table lamp designed by Irish designer Ray Power using Polywood. Power uses the sheet to create a three dimensional object by manipulating the shape into a very interesting design. The table lamp has a classic design that is perfect for contemporary or modern room setting in your home. An attractive design is very easy to be combined with any variety of interior decoration in your home. This lamp projects light in a unique way with its vertical shape.
stylish table lamp with vertical shape

Air table lamps come in a variety of attractive colors that you can choose according to tastes interior. These lamps are available in sizes 23 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm which is perfect for setting a private home or commercial areas. It’s really an interesting design that could create a style in any room in your home decor. You can put this table lamp in the living room, bedroom or den. Learn more at Lzf about this simple and attractive table lamp design.
contemporary stylish table lamp Air
unique lamp design by Ray Power
Air table lamps with attractive colors
unique lighting design using Polywood
attractive vertical shape table lamp
classic vertical shape table lamp Lzf
simple table lamp design Ray Power
trendy and simple table lamp design
interesting and classic vertical table lamp
table lamp design with stylish form
Polywood table lamp design Lzf
modern and trendy table lamp design
vertical shape table lamp Ray Power
minimalist table lamp design Lzf

Very unique modern Lighting..

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