A Bunch of modern things...

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A Bunch of modern things... 

Today i am sharing with all of you a bunch of really cool modern contemporary ideas that are sure to make all of you simply have some of the most innovative items or furniture in the world of modern contemporary design and style. These items are considered new and revolutionary and are among the newest items to be released. 

Hope all of you enjoy the pics and post..

Unique and Decorative Spiral Pendant Lamp Design, Spiro by Remedios Simon

Spiro Lamp designed by Remedios Simon to LZF with unique and different forms of lighting design generally. This lamp has a spiral that was placed on the inside and arranged to form a circle. A unique design that is able to create a style in the decor of any room in your home. You can hang this pendant lamp in the ceiling of the dining table or kitchen area. The pendant lamp is perfect to complement contemporary or modern interior decor in your home. Spiro lamps create a unique and exciting visual light when turned on.
decorative spiral pendant lamp design Spiro

Simon uses dozens of concentric wooden modules to create a smooth flow of spiral-shaped decorative light. This will let the light shine your inner creativity with their curved lines. The light is very easy to be combined with any variety of interior decoration in your home. This lamp is able to create the style in any space and invites eternal beauty. Spiro lamp is the perfect solution to inject into the unique style of interior decoration. Go to LZF for more detail.

unique pendant lamp by Remedios Simon

wooden lamp design with spiral shaped LZF


Wall-in-one Recycling Portable Workstation by Christian Nørgaard & Martin Kechayas

Not just a bulletin board hanging on the wall. It’s very multifunction, minimalist furniture modern architecture to be used for an office environment. Shown with futuristic concept contemporary furnishing, this covers all the ease to work with the LED screen computer and put some reference books on shelf above. This is design Christian Nørgaard & Martin Kechayas for office furniture in one frame. By working closely with Abstracta manufacture, make for cantilevers move in building interior furnishing. Not only combines simple bookcase with lockers for simple storage of deposition and board. Wall Ideas-in-one furniture can actually be applied not only to the interests of home offices, but also a public place which may require a practicality as a shop and mini market, lobby health room, doctor’s waiting room and place of ticket purchase until the schools in certain circumstances.
portable workstation and shelter minimalist design with wall panel

This is also kind of idea that does not close an open shelter you socialize with work colleagues, keeps you free to move, because the best man office chair can be adjusted. For business interests, all the cables in Wall-in-one integrated and concealed deliberately made in panel that has been provided. This is useful for easy maintenance, and keeps it tidy in the hanging wall. Utilizing recycled wood fiber material to the back plate, still beautiful and charming. While main part mold made of wood veneer or laminate compact, and given a blue solution. Because according Abstracta, this is also ultra modern notice board in formal office environment, the provision of sound effects necessary to rely very absorbent cloth covering the timber, then at the bottom are thin sheets of metal.

wall recycling furniture wall practical and modern to public interiors Wall In One

Contemporary Italian Kitchen White Cabinet Color, Diamond Kitchen Collection by Rosetto

A contemporary kitchen that uses a shiny white color, is identical with the luxurious modern kitchen, clean and elegant. This shiny clean kitchen cabinet is one of today’s kitchen collection from Italian companies, Rossetto. The company is designing a variety of modern furniture is part of Arros Group. They make a variety of household needs with exclusive designs of luxury. One of them is the design of kitchen cabinets below.

Diamond White luxurious kitchen cabinet design

Luxury contemporary kitchen can be seen from the color and design handle with Swarosky Diamond. All products are fully made in Italy, except Swarosky. Really this is a cabinet that is designed with true luxury and charm, giving the impression of shiny in the kitchen area. In addition to the bejeweled handle Swarosky, they also provide regular handle option which will surely affect the price offered. This modern cabinet is also available in an elegant black color. Visit Rosetto for more information.

luxurious kitchen cabinet with crystal handle swarosky

contemporary Italian kitchen cabinet white color

diamond handle kitchen cabinet design

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