Trendy Design Inspirations

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Trendy Design Inspirations

Today I am sharing with all of you trendy design ideas that are sure to prop up any design flaws or missing impact areas in your modern homes.. These trendy designs are all very impactful and make statements with their use of high impact colors and high impact color unique furniture pieces..

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Modular Modern Kitchens by Arclinia - Artusi


The Artusi Kitchen by Arclinia is one of the most stylish modular modern kitchens we've seen to date. The combination of wood and steel is sublime, with different laminates and lacquers to give it extra depth. Artusi is streamlined and ernest, made for people who take kitchen time and cooking seriously. Its modular nature means that the layout is flexible and allows major leeway for a personalized kitchen design - one that seems customized to any space. Designed by Antonio Citterio, this kitchen has many appealing features, such as a recessed worktop, a sliding cutting board, deep drawers, a professional grade sink, and built-in appliances. Visit Arclinea to find out more.








Interlocking Wood Floor Tiles for Parquet by Jamie Beckwith


Jamie Beckwith breathes new life into parquet flooring and we are admiring her Enigma wood tile collection right now. Yes, that's right - interlocking wood tiles. Instead of the traditional planks or linear design, these tiles celebrate ornamental patterns. The tiles are hand crafted, so they have a real original feel about them that will create a strong interest in any space. Wood floors are warm and beautiful and have been used throughout history. Enigma is a modern twist on the wood floors we know, yet always supporting of tradition. Choose from twelve different patterns, go wall to wall or create an inset, these tiles allow for creative expression. Visit Jamie Beckwith to learn more.






Original Design Furniture Cabinet by Bd Barcelona - Tout Va Bien


The Tout Va Bien cabinet is an original piece of design furniture from BD Barcelona Design that is sure to capture your attention, just as it has ours. Designed by Parisian graphic artists, Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz, this piece is a modernized tribute to old traditions. It has an artistic quality and plays with theme of fantasy and therefore feels a bit surreal. A mixture of modern graphics, hieroglyphics, haut and bas reliefs, it's just so much more than a place to store your stuff. Available in black and white and other bright colors, Tout Va Bien is a real show-stopper. Get more details at BD Barcelona Design.



Red Crystal Chandelier by Lolli Memmoli


Prepare to be dazzled by Ugolino - a fantastic red crystal chandelier by Lolli Memmoli. Yes folks, red crystal - what can be more dramatic than that? The crystals hang from a circular frame and seem to be woven together like fabric. Light bounces and seeps through this amazing structure, creating an atmosphere filled with splendor. Lolli Memmoli are pretty famous for their striking lighting designs. Their chandeliers are probably better defined as architectural lighting projects. Every product is meticulously made by hand, so each item is a distinct representation of the original design. Perfect for those who appreciate quality and uniqueness. Visit Lolli Memmoli for more details.


Trendy Design Ideas...

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