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Modern contemporary ideas, trends, inside secrets..

Today I am sharing with all of you some really cool trendy kitchen ideas, some neat new ideas in home decor, and some tips and inside secrets on how to make your modern home shine among the rest.. 

Hope all of you enjoy the pics and post...

Modern trendy Kitchens... 

Inspiring Kitchen Interiors: 5 impact designs

Today we'd like to share 5 inspiring kitchen interiors we found around the web. Each design has a unique style and although they are all so different from each other, the thing they have in common is impact. Kitchens tend to be a popular place in the home, whether you are an avid cook or not. People seem to naturally gravitate towards the kitchen to hang out and congregate, and with the ever popular open plan, kitchens are often on display - so it's important that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Which of the kitchens featured below is your favorite?



A bright bold backsplash or accent wall brings an element of fun to any sleek modern kitchen. Via Stadshem

This modern kitchen feels solid and luxurious because of the mix of materials used. Wood, dark colors, metal and leather stools all work together to give this kitchen a contemporary, rustic vibe. Via Architecture MU


An otherwise more traditional kitchen gains dimension with mosaic tiles in a fresh, contemporary color. Loving the red kitchen accessories against that tile. Via Stadshem


For a modern farmhouse feel, an unconventional cabinet color, like this grey, paired with industrial style hardware gives this kitchen a stylish edge. The sink is great. Via Decorpad


No need to be afraid of concrete. If you have the space and lots of natural light, concrete can contribute to a smart, industrial style kitchen. Those vertical bars at the back are actually wine totems - a very neat idea with lots of visual impact. Via Cote Maison

Closet Interior Design: Don't Overlook It!


Closets and dressing rooms often get overlooked in interior design. Probably because they're behind closed doors and guests won't go there. Plus we don't spend time in closets, we just go in to get what we need. But there are big benefits to a well designed, organized closet. First off, you can find things easier and are better able to plan your outfit for the day when you can actually see what you have and everything has its place. This actually saves you time and makes the whole process more enjoyable. A well planned closet can even save you money. When you know what you have you don't risk buying something twice, just because it fell behind a pile of something. Plus, well designed closets are a real finishing touch for any interior scheme. It can really enhance your quality of life. Have a look at some inspiring closets and dressing rooms we found, designed byClos-ette.

Contemporary Firewood Storage Idea

We must share this contemporary firewood storage idea. Displaying firewood can be such a wonderful addition to an interior scheme. Wood is natural and full of texture which brings out an innate sense of comfort. In a space with such tall ceilings, it makes sense to store it in a vertical fashion, which drives our gaze upwards to appreciate this feeling of space. Intelligently, they separate the storage space with angled shelves in a zigzag pattern. This is an important idea in its design since it facilitates storage and accessibility to the wood. Without it, it would be impossible to properly rotate the supply. It looks amazing and it’s functional - perfect.



Modern Foyer Design Inspiration by Arredokit Italy


Take a contemporary inspiration from Arredokit Italy and give yourself a cool welcome home with a modern foyer design. Inspired by Italy's high-end fashion and style-savvy designs, Arredokit Italy presents the new Sirio, a modern storage piece that not only conceals your shoes, handbags and going-out essentials, but it looks great too. Featuring a black lux frame and black glass top with front doors available in a range of hot finishes like white glass, red glass, black glass and mirrored, this contemporary foyer furnishing suits any modern home. The Sirio also comes in a variety of sizes, so whether your home is a small urban loft of a grand house, there is always a place for this modern must-have. For more inspirations visit Arredokit Italy.


Modern contemporary home ideas and trends

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