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Today I am sharing with all of you secrets on how to turn your Living Room into a modern contemporary minimal room everyone will be talking about. I have a few pieces that are absolutely stunning and are as unique as the old streets of Paris. Hope all of you enjoy..

Enjoy the pics and post...

superfluous seating

Extra seats are always a good thing to have, especially when you have unexpected guests. First up: it’s easy to stack the sturdy Tribo Stool($198) when not in use, thanks to three indentations that fit the stool’s chromed stainless legs. Made out of Tauari and Tamburi Brazilian hardwoods, the Tribo has an expensive, classy look yet is undeniably functional.

Slightly less functional but eminently more intriguing is the Twister Stool ($475) by Yuriko Takahashi. Each seat features a gently torqued surface, but the real fun starts when you chain them together to form undulating benches. Made from sustainable birch and steel hardware, the stools don’t look all that comfortable – but they’ll definitely entertain your friends.

If the Tribo is “functional and classy”, the Falter Stool ($198) is “flatly utilitarian”. The lightweight, portable seat is able to fold away into a thin, 1″ panel when not in use. The Falter Stool is hingeless, instead relying on flexible 3F board to simultaneously retain its shape and allow for repeated opening and closing. Although it appears flimsy, I was surprised to learn that it can easily hold up to 300 lbs–easily enough for even the heftiest of friends. It’s not pretty, but I think it’s perfect fit or people like me who live in tight spaces: no more relegating friends and family to the floor!

asian contemporary style: green tea design

Joy Jones Step Chests

Wheel Tansu Mobile Chest

Contemporary decor is generally dominated by products from Europe and North America, so it’s always a nice change of pace to find furniture from Asia. Located in Toronto, Greentea Design carries a beautiful inventory of Korean hand-made tables and storage pieces. Asian furniture tends to focus heavily on the natural patterns and forms of wood, and the company continues this custom by primarily using Gingko and Elm hardwoods. Many of their furnishings likewise emphasize traditional shapes, including the intriguing Wheel Tansu mobile cabinet ($625) and the unforgettable Joy Jones step chests($2800).

Wicker TV Stand

Wide Maru Coffee Table

Large Rice Chest

Each Greentea piece is hand-crafted down to the hand-rubbed finish and hand-forged metal hardware, and can be customized to your specifications. I’m particularly impressed by how their furniture manages to be simultaneously traditional and modern. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the combination of clean, simple lines, restrained use of ornamentation, and rich, solid woods – all of which parallel contemporary sensibilities. The Wicker TV Stand ($1600),Wide Maru Coffee Table ($2600) and Large Rice Chest ($2400) easily complement any existing modern décor.

Mizuya Counter

Mizuya Island

Mizuya Collection on The Apprentice

The award for maximum “Wow!” factor needs to go to their Mizuya kitchen collection. Pictured above with a Fruitwood stain and Iron Hirute hardware, The Counter ($3200) and Island ($2500) are amazingly architectural in design. From bamboo-themed fluted doors to cantilevered frames, the Mizuya pieces are miniature buildings in their own right. Even Donald Trump–a man who knows a thing or two about buildings–featured the Mizuya Collection in a contestant suite on his show, The Apprentice. If those pictures don’t make you say “Wow!”, I don’t know what will!

sustainable bamboo shelving from iola design

Vivavi is one of my favorite retailers due to its emphasis on carrying environmentally friendly products. In particular, I am a fan of their stylish, asian-themed shelves by Iola Design. Above: Kumiko is a freestand shelving system made from bamboo planks. Shelves alternate between full-length and half-length, while the base is supported by flared legs. Also available is a shorter version (Miharu).

Hasegawa and Chiaki are wall-mounted displays with creatively organized shelves. Hasegawa in particular provides ample storage space with its massive 83 inch wide frame. The more diminutive (but affordable) Chiaki is also more versatile, with a foot print that is not as intrusive as its larger sibling.

Lastly we have the Akira and Ayumi wall-mounted shelves which fill the central cavity with dovetailed drawers. Though not particularly large, these cubbies are a great way to hide small clutter such as keys and coins. As with all the other shelving systems mentioned in this post, Akira and Ayumi are made from solid laminated bamboo. For more information, visit Vivavi or Iola Design.

Great ideas to really shine!

Here are some stylish finds from west elm, one of my favorite interior decor stores. Above: these solid wood hexagonal tea tables are covered with random rectangular cutouts that are simultaneously asian and contemporary in design.

From geometric to organic: the multilevel side table features four fixed elliptical shapes around a brushed metal pole and is a unique accent to your sofa or loveseat. Its rounded design is a subtle but effective way to break up the monotony of an overly staid room.

Lastly: the S console features a snaking design that provides plenty of room to store books and show off your prized possessions. This sofa table/bookshelf needs to be placed carefully due to its relatively wide stance, but it’s bound to make a chic, sleek statement wherever you situate it.

unconventional coffee tables

Coffee tables originated in the Ottoman Empire, where they were used as a convenient surface to place tea and coffee cups. While their uses have scarcely changed since the 17th century, there are an endless variety of designs that all revolve around the basic concept of a low-slung table. The Spritz Coffee Table stays true to its primary function with a slab-sided design, but adds class wtih a polished stainless steel exterior. A mirrored top slides open in the middle to reveal interior storage, useful for keeping the table uncluttered when not in use.

Also sleekly metallic, the Alien coffee table is definitely unconventional. Designed by Yasuhiro Shito, this table has a steel circular top with a central depression. Its smooth, inverted base is made from extruded aluminum.

Next, we have the aptly-named Puzzle table; each piece is detachable and can be reorganized to create your own custom surface. A durable table, the tops are covered with scratchproof black or white paint and supported by matte chrome legs.

The last two tables are a bit more playful; the Narciso coffee table’s most obvious feature is its flower-shaped top. Made from a mix of clear and colored glass, the top swivels around a shiny chrome base. The Spiral coffee table takes fun perhaps one step too far with a loopy frosted glass top. Great for adults, though I’d keep this away from kids: it’s just begging for Hot Wheels, marbles, and anything else that will slide.

Hope all of you enjoyed the post...

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