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Shelves, Home Entertainment, Heated Floors, and other really cool modern stuff

Shelves, Home Entertainment, Heated Floors, and other really cool modern stuff

Today I am writing about things we tend to normally forget about when thinking about home decor and remodeling projects. First the Home Entertainment room, then there are shelves, and some other hidden items we tend to overlook. I also have added a piece on how to remodel and decorate your kitchen on a budget. 

Enjoy the pics and post... 

All ABout Home Entertainment... 

Believe it or not, the proper size and placement of your digital entertainment pieces can not only have an effect on the aesthetic of a room, it can determine how much you actually enjoy sitting on the couch watching that movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing. These tips will help you set up an entertainment center that will be enjoyable and will compliment the room.
  • Size – The biggest television is not always the best one. In fact, a screen that is too large for a space, especially one you are forced to sit too close to, will compromise visual quality.
  • Wall Placement – When hanging a flat screen don’t judge the height based on standing there looking at it. Sit on the chair you will normally spend your time in and you will notice that the screen needs to be hung much lower for you to be comfortable.
  • Hiding Wires – Nothing ruins an elegant room faster than wires hanging. If you are concealing wires in a wall, make sure that they have a UL-rating so there is no potential for a fire hazard. Don’t want to tuck your wires in your wall? Use wire guards, they stick to virtually any surface and you can paint them to match the color of the wall.
To ensure that your digital entertainment center doesn’t distract from the room, keep DVD players, gaming systems and remote controls tucked away neatly out of sight.

Hiding Wires... A Must

You’ve invested a fair bit of time and money into your home theater, so you no doubt want it to look its best. While simply having that gorgeous black flat screen TV mounted to the wall or on a black glass shelf is stylish enough, you’ve also got to pay attention to the details if you want the room to maintain its clean, organized look. And that means gathering up those bundles of audio and video cables.
Hiding your home theater cables is not as complex as it might seem when you first stare despondently at that mess at the back of your TV. It just takes a few small tools, a little effort, and an eye towards the moment when your home theater is complete.
You can get cable ties from your local electronics store, in black or white, and use these to tie your cables in a bundle. You’ll want to tie them every few feet, and then run the bundle along your baseboard. You can tack it to the corner, but be sure you don’t pierce any of the cables themselves.
For the more daring (and for an even more concealed look), try hiding the cables under the carpet. Lift up the carpet at the edges, and tack the cables down underneath, just along the baseboard.
Or, if you aren’t really a do-it-yourselfer, you can get a professional to hide your cables inside your walls and along the floor.
It just takes a few small tools, a little effort, and an eye towards the moment when your home theater sound systems are complete.
It might seem like a lot of work, but trust us: an organized, clean home theater will be a much better environment for your next family movie night.

Modern Shelves...

Everyone needs some type of shelving in their home, they are ideal for pieces of art, lamps, photos, etc. Regardless what you choose to put on yours, there is no reason why your shelving has to be traditional or boring!
The Eclipse Contemporary Etagere is a piece of art all by itself. Although it is shown in onyx, it is also available in chrome (matte finish), gunmetal, mocha, topaz, pewter and platinum, all with glass shelves. This is a visually stimulating, stunning contemporary design that is handcrafted individually in the United States and comes with a 10 year warranty!
About Johnston Casuals
Superior welding techniques are used in the creation of every Johnston Casuals piece. They pride themselves in paying attention to the finest detail. They aim to offer nearly their entire collection in a myriad of finishes so whether you are looking for a few pieces that all match or you prefer a variety that compliments one another, their line stands alone or together perfectly.
Johnston Casuals strives to make exquisite pieces while protecting the environment so their decor is not only beautiful, it’s environmentally-friendly as well. From using only landfill-safe chemicals that have been EPA certified to recycling factory materials, they constantly look for ways to create art while respecting the environment. Visit Johnston Casuals online to view all of their spectacular pieces!

Remodeling the kitchen on a budget... 

Do you want a fresh look in your kitchen but you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to satisfy your need for freshness? There are quite a few budget-friendly things that you can do that will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Not to mention, these are easy do-it-yourself projects you can complete on a lazy afternoon.
  • Change Fixtures – Replacing your old, ordinary faucet with a contemporary one is a small change that makes a big difference. Opt for one that offers a low-flow option which will cut down on your water bill.
  • Add a Backsplash – You can provide color, depth and even a pattern or theme to your kitchen by adding a backsplash to one wall. Be creative, experiment with more than one tile and choose colors that will bring your kitchen to life.
  • Modernize Your Lighting – What do the light fixtures in your kitchen look like? Adding recessed lighting or hanging a chandelier or even pendant or waterfall fixtures can really make a strong statement.
  • Replace Your Countertop – A stunning countertop can quickly become a focal point in any kitchen and replacing yours is not nearly as costly as you may imagine. Ceramic tiles are easy to install or you can look for materials such as stone or granite, keeping in mind that stone is much less expensive than granite.
  • Paint a Wall – Sometimes just bringing a new color to one wall is all that you need to satisfy your redecorating urge.
Kitchens are the foundation of any home, yours should be one that you truly love to be in. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, nothing is every permanent if you find you don’t love it later!

Benefits of Underfloor Heating.. 

In the autumn and winter months the cold weather outside puts the effectiveness of our central heating systems and their limits sharply into focus. It’s therefore wise to make sure your heating provision is up to scratch in preparation for this period. One option you may not have considered before is luxury underfloor heating.
Rather than being a modern concept, underfloor heating in fact dates back to Roman times when homeowners piped hot air under their homes to help keep their homes more cosy. These heating systems can sometimes be known as radiant heating systems and need to be installed by qualified plumbers. The system works by using either hot water or electric heating units under the floor to evenly distribute heat throughout a room. In hot water (wet) systems the water running under the floor in pipes uses water from a central boiler to heat the room. It can therefore be programmed in much the same way as a conventional central heating system.
Many people believe that underfloor heating can offer homeowners significant energy savings because of the way it operates. Because the heating comes from the lowest level in the room and hot air rises, this type of heating works more effectively at a low level that may otherwise be difficult to warm. It also heats throughout the room more evenly rather than emanating from a fixed centralised point as a radiator does. This means you are less likely to crank up the temperature – and the energy used – to warm up a colder corner in the room. Underfloor heating also boasts a reduced energy requirement compared with the use of water-heated radiators. Pipes for underfloor use require water heated to around 113-149° F (45-65° C) compared to the 176° F (80° C) needed by radiators. This type of system will comfortably warm a floor to 77-82.4° F (25-28° C) and it has been estimated that it could make homeowners energy savings of around 15 to 40%.
Other benefits of underfloor heating relate to space and convenience. A room without radiators on the walls looks larger and less cluttered and is also easier to decorate. In addition, underfloor heating can help reduce the moisture content of a room, which can be of particular benefit to asthma sufferers who may suffer problems caused by dust mites, which can thrive in damp environments.

Does your Room Flow... 

The way a room is laid out can have a huge impact on not only how aesthetically-pleasing it is but on how comfortable it is to be in too! Creating a balance between furniture, accents and the flow of traffic can leave you with a harmonious room.
  • Control the Flow – People and pets need to be able to find their way through the room without obstacles or tight, undesirable squeezes. Keeping seating where it won’t interfere with doors and electrical outlets is crucial. Also, take into consideration recliners that may become fully extended or leafs that might be added to tables.
  • Have a Focal Point – Every room needs a focal point. In homes with a fireplace, the mantle usually takes over, a contemporary bedroom has a platform bed, etc. The eyes can become lost and exhausted if left to travel aimlessly throughout a room and never reach a focal point. Wall fountains, art, biofuel fireplaces or even large aquariums all work well.
  • Scale – The furnishings need to be reflective of the size of the room. You simply cannot have over-sized furniture in a small space. Choose clean lines and create balance to make the room appear larger.
If you feel a little lost in your room or something is just not quite right, you may just need to rearrange a few things. When the layout of your room is perfect, you will know right away. Sometimes it helps to leave, go get a coffee and then see how you feel stepping back into the room for the first time to determine what is throwing the space off balance.

Hope you enjoyed..

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