Bathrooms, Fireplaces, and a cool fountain

Bathrooms, Fireplaces, and a Cool Fountain

Today I am sharing with all of you a very cool fireplace, cool modern contemporary bathroom designs, and a very cool outdoor fountain table. Hope all of you like these unique items.. 

Enjoy the pics and Post.. 

Contemporary fireplace design
Contemporary fireplace design is a round shape with a stone that can help you to create an atmosphere of traditional and touch to your home. The product is very suitable for living room or may be installed on your patio space. Can also put the chairs around this product. By combining this with artistic designs and simple furnishings will make this outdoor fireplace on a cold is more beautiful and also a different sense of course. Overall product design is to design a special material that can provide the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the day.


OfficePOD will bring positive change to life. An opportunity to reduce commuting, to be more user productive, to spend more time at home, yet at the same time keep your job. The main way to get a better balance into your life. If you do not have room in the house to the office or simply want to separate “office” of the house, OfficePod is a possibility. This design is attractive, with white walls and black accents, metal, wood cabinets and a textured surface of the door.

OfficePOD design brief for Tate + Hindle was to meet four main criteria: Creating an independent office that exceeds all regulatory standards & requirements for office accommodation; Provide a conducive environment for productive work; Creating products that want to staff, and even proud to have, in their garden; have a minimal impact on the environment – both in construction and use.

Avalon Zen fountain
Avalon Zen fountain is enhanced with delicate pieces of glass, with an extra place for drinks, candles, or potted plants. Made from durable resin with a stone finish and hand-painted cylinder base made from a trio of reddish brown. UL-listed circulation pump continuously and slowly recycles water from hidden reservoir. Price $ 199.00

A great Fireplace, Fountain, and a private office..
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