A Few Modern Homes

A Few Modern Homes..

Today I am sharing with you a series of homes I find not only interesting but unique in their design styles. I absolutely adore these homes and I man sure so will many of you. They are the perfecter examples of the modern contemporary home decor style of design..

Enjoy the post and pics... 

Live Modern: House R

The first words that popped into our minds when we saw photos of House R were “lightbox of joy.” Aren’t you just filled with the most delightful sense of joy upon seeing this wonderful glowing home? Not to mention that fun shape! It’s almost like living in a glowing tetris piece. No? Well, if you don’t see the resemblance to an old video game, that’s alright; you can probably still see that this is a pretty sweet modern home.
Built in Karlsruhe, Germany by Christ.Christ Associated Architects, you can see this house just has a lot of what we’ve been feeling lately: that at-night glowy look; lots of big windows, green grass, modern furniture. There’s just a sort of “epic” feeling to the interior of the space. Like every inch of it was built to convey a feeling of grandeur. And of course that fun shape of the exterior really almost makes the whole rest of the interior feel very unique.

Elm and Willow House

Whoa! Now this is an interior we can get behind. It’s something we can get behind because it’s not so much an interior space as an almost outside/inside space. Loving this house with the huge platform, stage-like rooms that completely blur the line of what is outside and what is inside. Sure, when you’re in them you have a floor under your feet and a roof over your head, but that’s about it.
With all those beautiful windows that open so completely to let in light and air and scents of the outdoors, you can see how this isn’t so much a home to keep out the environment as it is a home to commune with your surroundings. So, so awesome. Love how the materials chosen are really kind of gray and stark. Almost like it doesn’t want to act too excited to be doing what it’s doing but believe us, it totally is. By Architects EAT in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.

Interiors: Kennerly Renovation in San Francisco

The kitchen shot of this renovated home in San Francisco caught our eye first; we loved the combination of different wood tones, mixed with stainless steel, combined with the gorgeous jewel-toned blue green painted wall. Spotted on Remodelista, we love that this a small space, 850 square feet, and is an older space, originally built in 1949. From Remodelista:
“Owen Kennerly of Kennerly Architecture & Planning, an up-and-coming San Francisco firm, recently completed this clever renovation of an 850-square-foot San Francisco row house, built in 1949. (We were fortunate to get a sneak peek, but you can tour it in person at the AIA San Francisco’s Home Tours this Saturday, September 17.) Kennerly took a small, four-room house and added two new levels, including a graceful master suite that he describes as “a ship in a bottle, floating above the rest of the house.” More on the “boat” below.” Love it. More at Remodelista.

Live Modern: SODAE-House by VMX Architects

We’ve been into pod-like spaces lately. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but there’s something comforting about a nice little nest space. It’s almost like making modern design smaller and more nest-like warms up the fact that it’s sleek and modern. Does that make any sense? Let’s move on to the SODAE-House by VMX Architects, which is tiny, remote, modern and wonderful.
Built in a rural area between Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel on the tiny island of the Kostverlorenkade, the architecture was really built to interact with the sights that folks inside the house would see. A lot of nature, yes, but also some of the man-made world in the distance, too. We like all the sloping inside walls and ceilings, how sleek everything is and just how we’d feel really safe, we bet, in there. Spotted on the Contemporist.

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