A bunch of interesting things..

A bunch of interesting things.. 

Below find a collection of items I found in my old collection of unusual items to recommend clients when they want to be unique.
Enjoy the pics and post...

Ceramic Countertop Washbasin by Flaminia - Roll



Looks like Italian bathroom brand Ceramica Flaminia is on a roll! The Roll ceramic countertop washbasin boasts an organic shape with a lip that looks like a casually rolled-up piece of ribbon – gently and naturally unraveling to reveal its intriguing shape. This contemporary style washbasin adds an artistic element to your countertops while satisfying your daily bathroom requirements. The Roll wash basin is available in round (measuring 44 cm) and oval (56 cm) shapes, and looks as stunning in white as its does in its dramatic black ceramic finish. For more information, visit Ceramica Flaminia.



Unusual Bathroom Furniture - cosmopolitan style by Collection Alexandra



No matter where you’re from or what place you call "home", this unusual bathroom furniture by Collection Alexandra will give your space a sophisticated cosmopolitan style. Cabinets, consoles and vanities boast plenty of "packing space" for all your bathroom essentials, with modern baggage-inspired details like handles and buckles, leather edging and corners, and decorative studs. And like the hottest luggage lines, this contemporary bathroom furniture collection comes in a range of different finishes and colors suited to your style. Also available are matching mirrors, complementary faucets, and toilets in porcelain and marble, to complete the unusual look. Get ready to go on a wild, worldly adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your bathroom. More information is available online by visiting Collection Alexandra.



Interesting Wallpaper Designs by Mineheart


We have to share these interesting wallpaper designs by Mineheart. It’s a great tromp l'oeil called Deep Buttoned Chesterfield Wallpaper (above). It gives the illusion of a soft padded wall reminiscent of (and we quote) "gentleman’s clubs, boudoirs and mental institutions" - ha! As far as the latter goes, you never know, it may be comforting in this way to some. But most of us can agree that it does have this glamorous and rich yet cozy feel about it. You can be sure it will make a statement regarding your interior decor scheme, whether you choose it for an accent wall or if you are feeling dramatic, for a whole space. More interesting wallpaper designs after the jump ...




Charming Wood Fireplace by Invicta - Ove


Invicta describes its wood fireplace Ove as charming, and we agree. Clearly, its shape plays a big role in this description. Curved lines are generally perceived as friendlier than hard straight lines, plus when functioning, the warmth and flicker of the flames is inviting and comforting. Altogether, this fireplace is almost seductive, coaxing you to curl up and relax in its presence while leaving your troubles behind. But its intriguing, charming shape is not the only thing that makes it special - Ove also promises extraordinary performance while minding the environment. Learn more at Invicta.

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