Avant-Garde in the News

Avant Garde continues its growth.... 

Avant-Garde the internet start-up furniture company that has grown from an ebay pro store into the website that it is today with increasing sales revenue, staff, and finaly a pl;ace to call home.. As we complete what we thyought would be the firts phase for some time of our expansion, we now will expand into our very own showroom, space. We are not in any way doing retail at this time but instead will show our collections by appointment only to our customers. Our new operating office hours will be 10-5 and our showroom will be available at that time as well for any customer that wishes to schedule an appointment. The same will hgold true for our interior designers who will be readily available for our customers should they need any help in making their decisions or laying out all together and putting the pieces together in a way that they are satisfied... 

The outside of the building at 811 NE 79th Street and 
821 NE 79th Street
Home to Rendezvous With Beauty and
Avant-Garde Home Furniture & Decor

We are already making plns to take half the building at 821 NE 79th Street, located immediately in front of 811 NE 79th Street which is where our current offices are located. We will also have an outdoor area for everyone to ejoy and relax while they visit Avant-Garde. Next to us will be Rendezvous With Beauty, a firm with two of the best Hair & Make-up artists ever in the State of Florida, with business clients in NYC, LA, & Paris as well.. 

Website located at

Next to us on the other side a new Yoga studio will open up. As we near completion on the inside of what was going to be the Avant-Garde Offices we begin the prep work of our new showroom. We will create the model Avant-Garde Home with every room in your household, Home Decor, Lighting, and outdoor paio furniture featured. We will  also  showcase Defuro Kitchens in the United States for the first time as well as a large quantity of exclusive Avant-Garde designed products throughout the showroom.

The outside sitting area is completely independent, has a waterfall for all to enjoy and is a perfect place to simply sit, use our free wi fi connection, and just relax. Everyone is welcome at Avant-Garde.. 

Pictures of the front Court Yard and indoor Showroom Space now almost complete and ready for us to set up... 

As we finished the interior offices on the second floor of the building we realized we needed two extra people to manage orders, data entry, and of course finaces and sales so we realized we didnt fit and decidsed to expand a little earlier then expected.. 

Here are some pictures of the almost completed office... 

As far as the extra added personal, we have added Richard and Joelle, two longtime friends who will be in charge of in thevcase of Joelle all staff matters and in the case of Richard, all product development and maintenance on our website. More info and pictures of these guys later as we update our Partners page located within our home site under the partners tab. 

All of these changes are being made with one thing in mind,ade with one thing in mind, our customers.. These changes will allow us to have our products on display, interact with the local public, keep our website and products refreshed and dynamic, and allow for me to have some extra time to help grow the company and reach its full potential.. 

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