sailing into miami Day 2 and 3...

Sailing to Miami Days 2 & 3 and some
really cool homes...

So day two saw us, well me work on Avant-Garde and some other things while Koa and Jessica worked on the boat even though they started very late to work on the engine and then I sat myself down to working on getting the word out for our new introduction of Avant-Garde's new logo image which is a much more modern logo with the very modern and trendy color Lime green with a very nice dark color border which is actually our initials AG. A great design by Edward Saunders, our creative director and one of our owners and managing partners. Look for lots of changes n the next few weeks as we re-introduce our site and our new business plan with regards to sales.. 

Avant-Garde New Logo... 

Getting back to our sailing adventure both Jessica and Koa actually got things done yesterday with the motor and i expect that at some point today we ill finally depart for Miami waters but having crashed last weekend and having my spare crashed as well by my friend who was taking it to me after my crash has made this trip just something I simply can not afford to do the entire time without having yet another friend pick me up somewhere along the trip on Indian River to go and check on m cars, yes plural and other accident related matters as well as a whole slew of other important items I have to attend to with regards to Avant-Garde. Regardless we will be somewhere along our trip and I will meet them again after I take care of the things I have to do.. 

So this time it seems that we will make it down to Miami and everything so far is still telling me that. Oh by the way the heat jas not been as bad this time since up here we have had cooler nights.. and honestly, that single little difference makes it bearable during the day.. 

I will let you know later today or tomorrow once we set sait and are actually on our way from here and toward Miami.. Until then..

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