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Great Modern House Interior Design Loft

What are the factors that living spaces look more at home? The extension of the course. From this loft interior design. The spatial concept of the expansion and contraction of the volume of the loft has large open spaces such as living room and dining room. But the most consistent, comfortable rooms and game rooms are smaller. No problem with that because the owner wants the house as an art gallery. Room who care about anyway, because we spend much time in the living room and dining room, am I wrong?

To improve the continuity of space that we created a line of sight with a view of daylight at both ends. Large windows in the living room and dining room views beautiful body of the church across the street. Translucent glass sliding front middle bedroom / office work obscuring clutter. The result is very nice and very pleasant. Ample space for dining and living room can be transformed into functional space easily. Designed by architects Honigstock Ellen.