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Best Modern Home Designs And New

This is an urban infill site in San Francisco represents a unique opportunity to create a new free-standing modern home, while maintaining the current structure of the site as a separate unit residential. The site was originally located in a structure - a story, one bedroom home for more than two car garage, built in 1931 and a total of only 550 square feet of living space. Since the original structure was built behind the 2000-square-meter corner lot, and zoning has allowed two of the unity of place, a modern new building could be built in front of a lot, when the point of capitalizing view of the road and more visible.

The objective of this project would have the opportunity to zoning only to build a new home in this desirable, but never developed, the corner site in a dense area in San Francisco. The concept was driven by the characteristics of micro-site and the desire to create an expression of modern design interior of the house was based on the ideals of architecture and sustainable Northern California. The basic package has been largely shaped by the code of urban district, which has led to elements such as windows, side yards and notched punch to create movement and shadow along the street. Although the design is rooted in the vernacular and the code in the traditional neighborhood of San Francisco, it is clear that a house of modern design.

The site naturally inclined inspired the idea of ​​a central stair core surrounded by residential areas and crowned by a skylight drama, the new interior bathed in natural light and forms a direct connection with the private room at the entry level and public spaces of level. "
The core of the ladder also creates a strong vertical wall on the outside, resulting in a very different composition of horizontal stratification typical of the living spaces. The location and angle of the internal organization of outdoor space created an expression that was free of the restrictions to create a horizontal mixture of horizontal and vertical lines, marked by a solid canopy.
Design Open Space
Location of main living areas of this new modern house on the upper floor providing spectacular views over the rooftops of San Francisco and won lots of natural light, dramatically reducing energy consumption. Windows on all aspects of the building, rare in this urban setting, offering an abundance of natural light in the new modern interiors. Exploiting extensive experience in the design of hospitality, the design team has created a base station of the experience of living in this house custom 1750 square foot open space fluid, cleaning, high-end finishes and rich woods. A rain-Ipe supports banding on the exterior, while the walnut floors and create combined with cedar lining on interior ceilings and exterior soffits to provide heat inside. "
"Designed with a careful eye towards sustainability, this house is Energy Star certified Tier Two, which makes over 35% more efficient than the California Title 24 requirements. A gas boiler 95% efficient supply of hot water and hydronic heating, photovoltaic and 2.5 kilowatts net metering provides solar energy, while Energy Star appliances and plumbing fixtures water effectively throughout to ensure efficient use of resources. "