A big hello from Cuba..

i am writting all of you from the beautiful island of cuba where I could not have imagined I would even have this level of access to write these blogs. I arrived yesterday on the island in Havanna, drove to Santa Clara where my family is from, and am today at a government run internet site posting this blog.. Simply amazing..

Its so hot in cuba and very few people know the existance of AC however for the most part `people seem very happy and honestly the island has unimaginable places that you cant possibly imagine unless you are here in person.

There are beautiful beaches, Island inland getaways with views only seen on this island, and then there are the millions of friendly people who greet you with open arms and are there around the corner to make sure your stay is as memeorable and enjoyable experience. Alrady I am having a great time here...

i am staying with my entire family in the city of Santa Clara at a hotel named after the city called Santa Clara Libre, ironically enough it means The Free City of Santa Clara. The city has got some of the better preserved building anywhere I have seen. Coming to Cuba is like time warping back in time as its many colonial buildings are still in place and intact, as if you had simply gone back in time. Very few modern, concrete buildings have been built that hamper the beautiful views and city scapes of thse great cities.

As soon as I can I wilol send some pictures to share with all of you on this city so you can see for yourself what beautiful views and infestructure it truly has..

Until tomorroew enjoy the rest of today.. and remember I have an entire webstore that has rtecently been completely updated and is ready for new customer.. Please check it out