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Organizing With Wire Shelving

Disorganized? Got household clutter? Hard to find belongings? If the answer is yes, then you may need some organizational assistance. One very effective solution is to use steel wire shelving which goes a step beyond traditional storage or furniture systems.

Steel wire shelving can go almost in any room in your home. It has a contemporary look that fits well in a kitchen, family room, home office, laundry, or bedroom. The open wire design minimizes dust build-up and allows ventilation for computers, stereos, and other electronic equipment. And in a basement or garage, where maybe the look is less important but storage capacity and accessibility are important, wire shelving is is terrific.

As a user of wire shelving in my home for over twenty years, this author has used InterMetro wire shelving with great satisfaction and can personally vouch for its robust construction, durability, and maintenance-free care. Indeed, InterMetro shelving is backed by a twenty-year factory warranty.

InterMetro wire shelving is constructed from 18-gauge steel with a weight load capacity of 500 lbs per shelf. Set up or break down is quick – no tools, nuts, or bolts are required. Shelves attach to the posts in one-inch grooved increments using pairs of plastic sleeves that clip around the posts onto which the round, cone-shaped corner collars of the shelf are seated. Leveling feet under the posts adjust to accommodate uneven floors, or you may easily replace the leveling feet with threaded casters to create a kitchen cart or mobile storage unit. With lots of standard shelf dimensions and post lengths, it is easy to create custom storage solutions. Many accessories are available that expand the functionality of the shelving, including wire baskets, drawers, hanger rails, and snap-on hooks. There also are third-party products for the shelving units including butcher block shelf inlays and plastic enclosure kits.

InterMetro wire shelving is available in three finishes: chrome, black epoxy, and white epoxy. Each finish is durable and resistant to chipping and moisture. Of the three finishes, chrome is the most popular. Each shelf, post, and accessory is available from open stock, plus many popular complete units are available in economically priced sets.

When the largest-sized InterMetro wire shelf (18 x 48 inches) isn’t enough, then wire shelves from the company’s commercial line of Metro SuperErecta wire shelves ranging in size up to 24 x 72 inches. As an industrial shelf used by hotels, restaurants, groceries, warehouses, factories, etc., the weight load capacity goes up to 800 lbs per shelf.

Who is InterMetro? InterMetro is an American manufacturer, headquartered in Pennsylvania, and part of the Emerson Group. Since the year 1929, the company has manufactured wire shelving, storage systems, and material handling products for hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, and manufacturing and distribution facilities. Over 20 million wire shelving units are on the job throughout the world. Just imagine what InterMetro wire shelving could do for your home or office!

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