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Living Room Interior Design Ideas

The living room represents the owner's personality. Furniture and decor in this room determine whether guests will be welcomed in a formal or a casual manner. Chairs with straight backs, made of solid materials, will create a stiff feeling, while chairs with a simple, but functional, design will make guests feel at home and encourage friendly gatherings.

""The living room does not need to be spacious, because guests do not always drop by in large numbers. Nowadays, most families, especially young families, tend to have a small living room but with furniture that reflect their characters, and are simple and dynamic,"" said Lisa Miranti, an interior designer.

Character, she said, is seen in contemporary-style furniture that denote simplicity, functionality and color. ""A kidney-shaped coffee table with tiny legs or a trendy sofa inspired by bean bags can be the centerpiece of the living room. They bring something different to the room and their addition is a fashionable way to prove the owner's flair for style.

Bean bags were designed by an Italian designer in the late 1960s. The bean bags are made of polystyrene and are filled with small plastic beads, so that when a person sits in it, the bean bag molds itself around the sitter's contours.

Contemporary sofas are made of soft fabrics and are quite solid, but still make comfortable seats.

To save space and allow for flexibility in arranging the furniture, many like to place small side-tables at corners between chairs and so link them in an arc. Lisa said backless sofas are a new trend and function like a bench or chair, but provides more space.

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